5 Ways To Boost Up Your Blogging Income

So your credit card is worn out up and your bank balance is severely drying up… Why do you think this is happening? Maybe you’re spending more than you need… or maybe it’s because your blog is not generating as much money as it use to…

Of so you need to do something about it… you need to implement something new and attractive, completely different that will help you to convert your visitors into paying customers again.

So what can you do? Below are some top suggestions to help you to flood your bank account with $$$ again and turn your credit card zero to hero, by making money from your blog.

Words… (Content)

Do you know what people desire most whilst browsing the internet?

They desire to find and read content that will help them to successfully achieve what they want to do, or at least show them how to do it successfully. If you have the skills to write those words of wisdom, then craft it in a form of single page content, and share it with your blog readers, to help them achieve their desired tasks that will keep them engaged.


If your words don’t have that power, then try to make your words, your content powerful enough to convince your readers otherwise.

Because in the online world content is everything, even a few words can have the power to sky rocket your sales campaign, and few has the power of trampling it. So it greatly depends on what words you use to create your powerful content.

So ensure you improve the quality of your words and keep them fresh and engaging, because ultimately your words or content is going to determine the growth of your audience and convert them into loyal paying customers.

People… (Traffic)

How important is traffic to your blog?

Extremely important! If was a shop owner I would rejoice to seeing crowds of people in my shop, because I am able to increase the chances of making sales with a greater crowd of people. A blog is the same, as a blogger I want to attract lots of traffic so that I am able to convert some of that traffic into paying customers.

It’s always better to have a big crowd of people to show them what you have to offer, so always try to increase the crowd (traffic) by doing something different and totally unique from what others are doing, because with a large number of traffic you can potentially grow your customer list. So try to always become a part of crowd generation race.

Sharing is caring… (Social Media)

Do you love spending your time on social networking sites?

Of course you do, everybody loves to spend time on social networking sites, especially me… I consider myself a little bit of a social media addict; I generally spend around 5 hours a day on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc…

Ask this question to yourself

Why you spend your time on social media site?

If you asked me why I spend my time on social media sites then my answer would be very simple. I spend my time on social media to promote my blog, my content and products… As well as this I also spend my time on social networking sites to grow my network and my community to help create some loyal fans for my blog, because your fans help you to promote your blog and products in an online and offline world for free…

Social media is a very great avenue that gives you ability to promote your products & services in front of millions of people. So make sure you are taking advantage of it and not using social media to just past your time.

Showcase your Writing Abilities (Guest Post)

Do you have some extraordinary skills in writing?

If you do then don’t hide it, show off your writing skills to world… Write some articles and spread it around on other blogs related to your niche, because the best method of growing your customers is by giving them a free sample of your products.

If you take a look at the other players in your arena, you will find that they are all using it.

“So don’t tell people what you can do – Just show them what you can do”

Be Visible

Do you know, every successful blogger spends twice the amount of time on other popular blogs than they spend on their own? Why? Simple… Because those blogs are already having huge attraction of crowds… so why not just divert some of that traffic to your own blog, doing this regularly will ensure that you remain visible on other blogs at all times.


In short this post is about how to boost your blogging income by using these 5 simple but effective tips to earn more revenue and exposure.

So make sure you follow these 5 tips where ever possible, here’s a quick recap –

  • Your Words (Your Content) – Write unique and informative content for your blogging audience…
  • Attract Crowds of People (Traffic) – Try to always gather crowds of people by doing something different…
  • Sharing is caring (Social Media) - Use social media sites for both personal and business use…
  • Show Off your Writing Skills (Guest Post) – Show your writing skills in the blogosphere by guest posting your content on other niche related blogs.
  • Be Visible – Be active on other people’s blogs to divert some traffic to your own blog…

That’s all I have for you today, please share your own valuable tips and suggestions to increase your blogging income in below comment section below.

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  • http://www.profitblog.com Raj

    Making enough money to sustain month on month for bloggers is quite difficult. Revenue from ads are just not enough. Its important that bloggers think of themselves as business people. What does a business person do? Trade goods. So, what do bloggers have to trade? Think about it and every blogger can come up with a unique idea. As mentioned by this post, there are already thousands of people visiting your shop to read up information. You just need to figure out what they want to buy…

  • http://www.dcnashvillerealestate.com/ Franklin real estate

    Well put. The points here hold a very large amount of truth. Some people forget these details not knowing that even that simple mistake can lead to a large loss in terms of finances. Everything counts whether big or small.

  • http://www.kulwantnagi.com Kulwant Nagi

    I agree with all the points bcz blogging is very slow process in first 3-4 months. Once you become master in writing the content you can attract more traffic by writing valuable stuff.
    More People = More Money
    and this equation became true only after hard work and dedication. Thnx for giving this information.
    Kulwant Nagi recently posted…Top 4 Twitter Marketing Tools to Get HUGE FollowersMy Profile