How to Promote your Blog [Part 2]

How to Promote your Blog - In the previous post we talked about how to promote your blog doing basic but essential tasks such as looking at the current design and layout of your blog and improving the performance of your blog i.e. improving page load times and using a robust theme, and we of course looked at the importance of doing SEO as well as a few other essential bits. If you missed this post you can always go back and read it here.

Ok in this some what extended part 2, we’re going to take a look at 13 powerful online marketing ideas for promoting your blog effectively; we’ll also look at a list of ways on how to promote your blog offline too.

How to Promote your Blog Online… Continued…

Ho to promote your Blog by Building a List and Doing Email Marketing

Building a list and publishing a monthly email newsletter is extremely important for bloggers to do, in fact if you do nothing else to promote your blog at least build a list. Why is it so important to build a list, because you can utilise a list to both promote your blog, and to effectively maximise the impact of making money from it too.

A list can provide your blog with ‘instant traffic’ and you can generally target that traffic to any areas of your blog. Something SEO cannot effectively achieve instantly, not to say SEO isn’t important.

If you’re launching a new product or want to spot light a certain post for example, or perhaps target a certain audience, with a list you can effectively take what it is you want to promote to your readers as apposed to waiting for them to come to you. Much in the same way as RSS can, however RSS has creative limitations as we all know.

How to Promote your Blog with Article Marketing

Article marketing is probably considered by most as the next best thing to guest blogging, and some marketers consider article marketing to be less effective than it once were.

Article marketing is still very much a powerful marketing strategy. My advice for you would be to not to spread your resources sparingly across the web, but more importantly to focus on let’s say 3 or 4 really good article sites.

EzineArticles and ArticlesBase are amongst several article marketing sites that I’ve had good level of success with in the past, but I’d also highly recommend using web 2.0 property blogging sites such as HubPages, Squidoo, eHow, InfoBarrel, Triond, Flixya and WikiHow. Don’t use all of them but establish yourself as a regular writer for one or two of them at least. The added advantage with using these types of article sites is that you can build a social following on them, hence more traffic back to your blog.

How to Promote your Blog using Social Networking Sites

Most bloggers are already making good use of Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and what ever else to promote their content further and gain readership. I’m no social media marketing expert, but here are some things you might want to consider doing to promote your blog effectively using social networking sites, more than likely you’re already doing a lot of these anyway –

  • Actively engaging on social networking sites
  • Offer exclusive discounts, freebies to those following you on social sites
  • Post content feeds from your blog onto Facebook using RSS Graffiti
  • Brand your Twitter and Facebook page
  • Add a well written unique bio for each of your social profiles
  • Use Facebook and Twitter as platforms to guest post on
  • Get feedback and opinions from your social followers
  • Master the art of ‘asking’… asking for likes, asking for comments, asking for advice, asking for personal opinions etc…

How to Promote your Blog using Social Bookmarking Sites

Use social bookmarking sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious and Twitter to share your content on. Definitely build a following on Digg and StumbleUpon also. Link them all back to your blog.

How to Promote your Blog reading other Blogs and doing Blog Commenting

Comment on other blogs in similar niches as yours. The best way to manage your blog commenting effectively is to make a list of all the blogs you have provided a resourceful comment on, this way you can regularly visit your favourite ones and contribute further, as well as continue to search for blog’s in your niche that you haven’t commented on yet.

how to promote your blog

How to Promote your Blog doing Guest Posting

Probably the most effective form of promoting your blog online is through guest posting. Again find a handful of top quality blogs and a handful of low PR blogs also to guest write on.

I’ve read that some bloggers have gone on a relentless mission to guest post on a thousand blogs… to me that sounds too laborious and somewhat pointless, and I for one can’t stand ‘one hit wonders’ as I call them, a term I use to describe guest writers that come to write one post on your blog and then disappear off the surface of the planet forever, without ever coming back to reply to comments or anything.

I’d recommend writing on 4 or 5 top blogs and regularly contributing to those blogs, the benefits of this will help you build authority in your niche and get targeted traffic back to your own blog.

How to Promote your Bog Engaging on Forums

Online forums can provide a blogger with many benefits, you can get –

…All from properly engaging on online forums within your niche.

How to Promote your Blog by Creating your own Products

This is an area where many bloggers don’t take full advantage of and I believe that one of the biggest reasons is because of fear… screw fear (excuse the terminology),  if you want to become successful with your blog and make the money you want from blogging then it’s simple… product creation is a must.

Write an eBook, if you have an idea for a plugin or a WordPress theme for example then build it. If you don’t know how to, get help in building one.

My point is that you can make huge leaps in marketing and promoting your blog if you have a product to either sell or giveaway in exchange for an acceptable ransom i.e. an email subscription, become a Facebook fan etc.

How to Promote your Blog through Video Blogging and Marketing

Another area where you can get good traffic to your blog, and where many blogger’s shy away from is creating video posts or vlogs as they’re more commonly known to the savviest of individuals.

Whether it’s a video blog promoting your next hot product, a ClickBank product review, announcing a contest on your blog or creating a ‘how to’ video, do it and post it on YouTube… 3 billion views per day on YouTube can’t be ignored…

How to Promote your Blog with Giveaways and Blog Contests

These days everyone loves a freebie and more over a participating in a giveaway. I get excited by the thought of launching a giveaway on my blog. This is a very effective marketing strategy that will not only bring traffic to your site, but also help to spread the word about your blog’s existence to others…. It’s also a great way for you to engage with readers and give something back to the blogging community.

Ensure if you’re creating a giveaway on your blog that you make it a regular thing, you’ll be surprised how many new subscribers in all areas you can get just by doing this.

How to Promote your Blog with Podcasting

Podcasting is becoming more and more popular amongst bloggers and is also a great way to voice your topics across. There are dozens of podcasting platforms that you can use to get you started. All you need is a computer and a microphone.

Understandably not everyone is up on the idea of podcasting, much in the same way as vlogging… Some people can’t stand the sound of their voice, or can’t stand the way they look on camera… but if you can muster the confidence to do it, it’s well worth it. A good service you might want to consider using to easily create your podcasts is Spreaker. It was one recommended whilst listening to a podcast review of Spreaker by Ms. Ileane of Basic Blog Tips. You can check out her very informative series of podcasts here – The Ileane Show, anyhow consider creating your own series of podcasts as it’s a great way to promote your blog.

How to Promote your Blog through Advertising

If you’ve come across sites like BuySellAds which I’m sure you will have you’ll know that as well as sell ad space on your blog, you can also buy advertising space. BuySellAds has a lot of blogs and websites listed in almost every niche you can think of, and finding a couple of them to advertise your blog’s services or your latest product is a great way to promote your blog and get traffic.

Essentially there are plenty of other places on the web you can advertise for free too –

How to Promote your Bog by offering a Free Service

One last tip I’d like to share with you is to offer a free service to your blog’s readers. You might be thinking right now what could I possibly offer? I’ll leave that for you to work out, but essentially we’re all good at doing something, whether it’s installing or customizing areas of WordPress for example, or creating cool custom logo designs in Photoshop or doing video editing, content writing… use it to your advantage. Offer a free service and advertise it loud and clear on the homepage of your blog, it’s a great way to get viral traffic.

Well that’s all the tips I have to share on how to promote your blog online for the time being, however doing things online isn’t everything, you can also use offline marketing tactics to promote your blog, here are a few ideas ad suggestions –

  • Using personalized stationary, t-shirts – brilliant for giveaways, promotions etc
  • Hosting seminars to talk about your blog…
  • Attending conferences and events learn from others…
  • Doing press release
  • Event sponsoring
  • Raising money for a charitable cause

Well I hope all of these tips have been insightful to read and I also hope that they will open up some new opportunities to marketing and promoting your blog. As always let me know your reactions on any of the tips above or perhaps you’d like to add a few of your own tips on how to promote your blog effectively.

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  1. Article marketing on ezine articles has worked well for me in the past. The other web-properties that you have mentioned have not been able to get as many hits as ezine, for similar articles…
    Raj recently posted…The Importance of Interlinking your Blog PostsMy Profile

    • Hi Raj, yes I have to agree the same for me. HubPages is quite hard to get any real referral traffic from as there are so many competing articles on there.

    • This whole page was a good read but I have to agree with you here, I used to live off ezine articles but not so much anymore. I think that guest blog posts are now really the way to go, that is where I am seeing the biggest serp increase.
      Marian recently posted…Snow socksMy Profile

  2. I know building a list is so very important about 5 or 10 years ago but is it still important. I get email from companies trying to sell me things all the time and all those email automatically goes into my recycling bin. Are there still people out there who not only reads email from the companies that are selling things but buying as well??

  3. Awesome advice. It looks like you covered everything from soup to nuts. I really need to get on the ball with the email marketing and this post is giving me encouragement to do so. Thanks so much for the shout out and I really enjoy Spreaker. They have an iPhone app now too making it easier then ever to start a podcast. Chat soon!
    Ileane recently posted…5 Top Tips from YouTube Themselves! ‘The YouTube Creators Playbook!’My Profile

    • Hi Ileane, thanks for stopping by and you’re most welcome :) I tried to cover as many powerful methods as possible but I’m sure I may have missed a few out in the excitement of it all. I’m enjoying playing around with spreaker I’ve just downloaded the app on the iPad; I know it’s for the iPhone but it works just the same lol. Hopefully I’ll be able to rustle up a couple of useful podcasts in the New Year :)

  4. Raj, I don’t think you can underestimate the power of Social Media sites these days.I have increased my traffic considerably since I joined Twitter.The content on your site has to be interesting and relevant for your followers, and you should really only follow people in your own niche. But it does work and my traffic has grown organically
    David Cornick recently posted…To avail cheap flights to Washington is not a big deal anymoreMy Profile

  5. As someone who is just getting into blogging I think that commenting is the best way to get your blog off the ground, it does wonders for search ranking and also, if done well, can get a little banter going between blog owners which is always a good thing.

    • Hi Liza thanks for dropping by, I definitely agree with you and I love the way you emphasize on the ‘if done well’. Many bloggers when starting out with blog commenting think that engaging on other blog’s simply means just dropping a single line of compliment of just saying ‘thanks for sharing’. That’s ok but it isn’t really engaging, what do you think?

  6. I do believe that having or hosting giveaways on your site has a good social media building effect (not talking about list building), but you should be very careful what and how you are promoting/giving away. Sometimes having bad choices here would make you look less trust-able/professional. Do you agree?

  7. David Britt says:

    With constantly changing innovations and ideas generated through the Internet, it is essential to know what’s working for you on promoting your blog.

  8. ezines have also lost juice due to recent panda updates. Isnt it.
    parasmani recently posted…How to Increase Visitors Time on WebsiteMy Profile

  9. Hi Fabrizio,
    I do pretty much everything that you said in this post except podcasting. This winter I am going to focus on first, how to do podcasting and second to do some really cool podcasts including interviews with other bloggers.
    Justin Mazza recently posted…Feel your Fear and Redefine itMy Profile

  10. Forum posts are a really great tip. They’re easy to find and full of people looking for information and advice.

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