Why Bloggers Should Work on Making their Blog Faster

Make your blog faster - Are you a blogger, or do have a form of business online that requires constant communication with your audience? Looking for ways to improve your readers’ experience can mean a whole lot of difference in your career, and taking the right steps can be greatly rewarding.

34% of internet users stop a purchase from a site because it is too slow!

I recently took some steps to help make my yahoo small business coupon blog and my mid-phase web hosting coupon blog better, and one major thing I did was improve my site speed. As a result, I got more people to trust me, and my business grew significantly.  Below are some reasons why bloggers should work on making their blogs faster.

It Makes them Look more Professional

The internet is growing massively every day, and with the kind of stiff competition we are now facing it takes a lot to stand out. You wouldn’t want to ruin your reputation in front of your readers just because your site isn’t loading fast.

Optimizing your blog to make it load faster will help make your blog look more professional, and as a result you will be able to get people to trust you and see you as someone who know what he is talking about.

It Helps Preserve their readers and lead to more readers for them

It can be really frustrating not to gain any new readers to your blog in a long period of time, and it can be even frustrating to start losing the readers you have just because your site isn’t loading as fast as it should be.

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Having a fast loading site will help your blog preserve its existing readers by ensuring nobody deserts your blog because it is slow, and it will also help make sure your blog is ranked well in the search engines, and that a lot more people get to visit your blog.

It Can Put More Money in Their Pocket

Another reason why you should ensure your blog is loading fast is because it can help you make a lot more money from your efforts. Over 34% of internet users stop a purchase from a site because it is slow, and over 28% of online buyers have a negative feeling towards a webmaster just because he has a slow website.

Having a fast loading website will help you win the trust of your readers, and at the same time will also help increase the potential amount you can make.

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About the Author

John always optimizes his blog to make it work as fast as possible. Web hosting is critical on a site’s speed, which is why John recommends Yahoo and Midphase (see reviews and coupons here and here). Yahoo offers web hosting for small businesses currently at 50% off. Midphase gives you the first 6 months for free.

  • http://extraordinaryfigures.com Katie Woodard

    I’ve also heard that search engine rankings are effected by the speed of your site.

  • http://www.menshealthcures.com Ken

    Do you have any specific tips to boost article loading speed? I have left blogs for this reason, and want to make sure this is not happening to my readers as well.