10 Top Business Ideas to Consider in 2012

Looking for some business ideas and suggestions? – I’ve said this many times before and boy I’ll say it again… there is no greater reward than to be able to wake up each morning, knowing that your place of work is no more than a stumble away. What am I talking about? Yep you’ve guessed it, working from home

If 2011 wasn’t the year for you to start your own online business venture, then make it happen in 2012, and here are my 10 top business ideas and suggestions for you to consider starting in 2012…

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The 10 Business Ideas

Start that Blog

Don’t put it off any longer! If you’ve been a regular reader of Magnet4Marketing then you’ll know we’re always sharing tips, tricks and ideas on how to blog. Just so that you know you’re in good hands… and of course there are many other tops blog’s out there for you to read and get tips from also. Make 2012 the year you start your new blogging venture. No sure where to star? well we’ve created a page just for you to help you start blogging, filled with resources.

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Start an Online Directory Website

If you’ve always fancied running your own successful online directory website then this is another profitable business idea to consider starting. The folks over at PremiumPress offer a great directory theme package for you to us and start your very own online directory website using WordPress, and at an affordable price. All you need is some hosting. Before I ventured off into the blogging scene, my second online business venture was of course a web directory website, you can check it out for yourself here, as it still brings me a decent littler earner each month…

Start an Online Business in Advertising

How about running your own classified website? Our friends over at PremiumPress again can also offer you a complete WordPress package to get your classified business website up and running in no time and with little cost.

Become and Internet Affiliate Marketer

Probably the most profitable business idea yet and that’s becoming an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing involves promoting and marketing products from companies such as Amazon and Shareasale and getting paid a commission for each sale you refer. You don’t even need a website and you can use the many free resources on the web, such as HubPages and Squidoo.

Get Paid to Write

If you’re a whiz kid at creating quality unique content then consider becoming a freelance writer. There are tons of companies and websites out there that simply don’t have the God given time to do content creation themselves, that’s where your services comes in. There are also lots of top blogs that are willing to pay you to write good content. Magnet4Marketing is a blog that pays it’s guest writers to write. Find out more here.

Start your own Custom Graphic Design Company

If you’re creative like me :) and you are reasonably competent in using photo editing and graphic design tools and software’s such as Photoshop, then consider setting yourself up as a freelance graphic designer. Create logos and templates for businesses and get paid, offer small companies custom email marketing templates, I’m sure you can think of a few more other creative ideas too!

Become a Web Designer

If the language of the web is second nature to you then you’re onto a great start already. Consider looking for jobs online from companies looking for experienced and knowledgeable web designers, WordPress developers. Again I know that sounds a lot easier to say than do; alternatively why not build your own web design company… If you’re not too savvy with coding, no problem… you can use the Moonfruit for example (An award winning drag-and-drop online site building tool), to use for your clients projects.

Sell your Services

We all have a skill in something worth making money from that’s what I always say… whether it’s painting, doing arts and crafts, cleaning, computer and mobile phone repairs, SEO, online marketing – find what you’re good at doing and provide service for what you can do. Build a business out of what you can do that others can’t, it’s simple and it works.

Sell Products

We all love to sell stuff online and I’m a huge fan for selling on the internet myself. My online art business was my first real internet business venture and selling online quickly became an addiction for me, before I realized the business potential behind it. Why not start an eBay store or create a website to sell stuff on. If you don’t have your own products to sell then get an Amazon Associates account and make money that way. It’s all possible…

Build your own iPhone, iPad, Android Apps & Sell…

How hot is the apps market at the moment? Forget iOS for a moment and think about the growing demand for all other apps including Android Apps… now add Apple’s app market into play, there is money waiting to be made here people. Now is the time to start learning how to create your own games and iPhone apps and sell online through the apps marketplace. It’s only going to grow even more popular throughout 2012, so now is the best time to start getting your greasy fingers in the money pot.

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these top business ideas for 2012… What ever you choose to do, the most important thing is that you do it… Don’t be the one to look back in 2013 wishing that you did… it may never come… so would most people have you believe. If you have any of your own business ideas you want to add to the list, leave me a comment below. But for now enjoy.

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  1. Farrell John says:

    It is also good to combine some of these like being a blogger and at the same an affiliate marketer. I guess it is more profitable to mix rather than just pure blogging or pure affiliate marketing. This is a great list though and is perfect for starting an online business.
    Farrell John recently posted..Jigsaw Uses simPRO to Solve Business PuzzleMy Profile

  2. These seem like awesome business ideas. There is nothing as great as the feeling you get when you know that you do not have to wake up early so as to get to the office on time because you work at home! It is such a nice feeling so you suggesting these ideas will give one so many options on what to do.

  3. Maiah says:

    Excellent ideas, Fabrizio. Starting an online directory seems interesting to me. :) I think I’ll consider it for future online business ventures. :)

  4. mekamal says:

    Hi Favrizio, I am quite impressed from your post. I am new in the field of blogging and I have created a blog named http://toptenbuzz.com/. I humbully request you to accept my invitation to write in my blog as a guest author. Thanks

  5. Great Ideas… I got a huge guidance from this article. Thanks for sharing this information.

  6. BPS Europe says:

    I love the idea about the iPhone apps! and now with the new iPad 3 screen resolution there will be even more need on the market.

  7. Marshall says:

    Hey Fabrizo,
    Love your post.
    Love your post.
    Love your post.


    I still remember that how those websites use to lure people and pay hardly a cent per each click ;) But thankfully people are now aware about them and can be a little aware about what to choose for making money from home :)
    I’m a student and doing it as part time for about 2 years and I believe that there are a lot of scope in technical and writing areas and if someone understands dropshipping well, it can get some quick money.
    Providing services of internet consultant and running domain and hosting reseller service and looking for some other areas of work :)
    Got to follow this article as I’m serious :)


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