The 5 Cons of Working from Home [Part Two]

A good while back we shared with you a post on the 5 pros of working from home, if you want to check that post out head over to i. In this post we’re going to discuss the 5 cons of working from home

  1. Getting lethargic
  2. Financial instability or not receiving a guaranteed stream of income
  3. Poor diet habits
  4. Lack of exercise, confined to one environment
  5. Cut off from the real world

#1 Getting lethargic

Sometimes the monotony of working from home can be too much, especially if you’re doing the same thing day in day out, and before you know it, the feeling of lethargy kicks in and whack – you’ve crashed out on the sofa or even worst still, you’ve crashed out in your bed!

Too much of feeling lethargic can ultimately spell doom for any home-based business, especially if you don’t learn to discipline yourself correctly, so ensure that you bring variety to your day, take regular breaks and manage your time effectively to avoid this.

cons of working from home

#2 Not receiving a guaranteed stream of income

In the beginning, working from home is no dream, I can tell you that from personal experiences, here is a short story into how I see it –

Imagine being a pilot of a heavily loaded airliner packed with passengers, fuel and luggage speeding down the runway to take off… that’s one obstacle…

The next stage is getting off the ground… you eventually get that big old bird off the ground and great you did it… but it’s not over yet… the shear amount of energy and force required, along with the full concentration needed to get that big bird up in the sky is another matter altogether. Much in the same way as starting a career working from home, and if you don’t put the work and effort in, if you don’t plan and budget properly, you could go months on end without making any real money, and before you know it you’ll burn out trying to make ends meet. You’d wished that you’d never told your boss to stick his job up his rear end…

So not to put anyone off, but for me personally, not generating enough money from my online business and having a guaranteed stream of income stopped from the result of laving fulltime work and working from home, was one of my biggest obstacles I had to face…

If I had the chance to go back I would have saved more money and planned it out better… I would have also perhaps waited until my online business actually made me enough money to warrant me leaving fulltime work.

Generally that’s always going to be a worry when working for yourself from home.

#3 Poor dieting habits

Working from home can also be damn well bad for your health and in this instance we’re talking about dieting, eating the right foods at the right times. It’s very easy to sit there at your desk munching down on pork rinds and sipping on fizzy drinks, don’t let this happen.

I’ve read numerous horror stories on how bloggers and computer based home business owners in particular suffer from their complete ignorance in doing this.

Fuel the body and the mind with the right foods at the right times, and you’ll reap the benefits of having a healthy productive working day, every day.

#4 Lack of exercise, burning out

This is another big con of working from home… If your work is a computer based career you’re actually doing an awful lot of nothing. What I mean is that you’re sat down for long hours; working online is not a physically engaging job… You may not realise it now but your lack of movement and exercise will not do you any justice in the future. Ensure that you manage your working time properly again and take regular exercise, join a gym, go for a walk each evening, do something.

#5 Cut Off From the Real World

Finally… Blogging or running a business from home is great I know, it’s exciting, it’s rewarding but one thing it isn’t and that’s a life… It really isn’t a life. Having 10k followers on Twitter and 6k fans on Facebook and lots of people engaging with you on your blog daily is NOT a life; it is in fact a cut off from the real world…

Ensure you don’t sacrifice your real social life and that you make time to spend with friends and families when possible. After all that is one of the biggest reasons why you made the decision to work from home is it not?

What are your reactions on the 5 arguments above? let me know your thoughts below.

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  • Face Excersies

    Online job is considered as home based job also. It is very essential especially for moms who want to earn money even though they are staying at home. This type of job is very common nowadays.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      It’s not only common but moms who stay at home are ideal candidates for an online career I think. Thanks for stopping by :)

  • Franklin real estate

    This is very true. Working from home has a lot of disadvantages but the benefits are also many. If you work from home it is important to find spare time for you to do other things like exercise and make new friends. If you work from home also try to regulate your food intake or if you always feel like eating then go for something healthy like fresh fruits.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Well said FRE, dieting and exercise is very important as it is so very easy to fall into a lazy state, it is so easy to think oh I don’t really have the time or the energy to get out of the house or go to the gym today. Just like in any other office based work environment, we can easily become too comfortable in our jobs.

  • Katie Woodard

    To me, the pros outweigh the cons enormously because you can fix. I try to get out and excersize a couple times a week, and sometimes I go to the coffee shop to be in the real world. Those are just a couple of solutions to the cons. There are so many more like you listed if you just try.
    Katie Woodard recently posted..J. Reyez Broken Heart MixtapeMy Profile

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Katie thanks for your comment, yes me too I also try and spend a few hours in a different environment to get some work done even, and we have a Costa Coffee house nearby so it’s ideal for me :) But generally on weekends it’s healthy to socialise with real people as it can also invigorate new thoughts and get you motivated. I know some of my blogging colleagues who differ on the subject of socialising on the weekends and believe that the more relentless hours they put into their blog’s or online business, the more they’re going to get out of it, that may be true to some degree but I feel personally that it’s no more productive than working hard and playing hard also.