3 Awesome WordPress Plugins for November

Plugins help to make your WordPress powered website a powerhouse, and this month we’ve found three cool plugins worth checking out, if you already haven’t come across them yet.

Two of them are brand spanking new and one has been out for a while but recently received an update, but nevertheless it’s still an awesome plugin that’s worth a mention.

The plugins we’re going to look at today are –

  1. ChimpPress
  2. React Social Analytics
  3. ShareBar


ChimpPress is currently in Beta release but it’s an awesome plugin nevertheless. If you use MailChimp to do your email marketing this plugin will fit right in.

ChimpPress provides a simple interface for creating and managing your MailChimp email marketing campaigns, without ever having to leave your WordPress dashboard.

The current features in ChimpPress include –

  • Tools that allow you to create cool HTML emails using the simple drag and drop editor.
  • Add padding and colours to specific cells within your email or to your entire campaign.
  • Select from a number of cool templates and then add multiple rows and columns as and when needed.
  • Receive in-depth statistics on the performance of your campaigns.
  • Manage your subscribers under one roof.

All you need to get set-up is a MailChimp account and an API key!


Find our more about ChimpPress or download the plugin here.

React Social Analytics

React Social Analytics integrates social networking into your WordPress powered site in just a couple of quick and simple steps, it enables you to offer social sign-in and sharing features to all your visitors, to lower registration barriers, and to simplify sharing to social networks.

React Social Analytics

You can read more about this plugin or download here.


Perhaps the most exciting plugin is the updated ShareBar plugin, the ultimate solution to social and email sharing for your WordPress blog. This plugin is fully adaptable, as on larger screens the share bar appears on the side of your site, as on narrower screens the share icons appear at the top of your posts.

There are 11 preset social sharing icons to choose from in the settings and you can activate and deactivate them accordingly. The Google+ button is not on the list however you can add the button script to a new button to create one. You can check out the ShareBar plugin in action on this blog with the social share icons located to the left of the screen as you scroll down.


You can read more about this plugin or download here.

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  1. I’m going to install all the 3 plugins you reviewed..they will be very helpful for me

  2. Kevin Lau says:

    Interesting. I’ll install these on my wordpress and see how they go. Thank you for sharing these. It’s good to find new plugins from other users like you.
    Kevin Lau recently posted..Internet Marketing Blogging Essentials We Overlook Too OftenMy Profile

  3. jim syyap says:

    I use blogger, and whenever I see new plugins like these, I wish I kept my wordpress site a long time ago.

    • Fabrizio says:

      Jim, I also use Blogger for one of my own blog’s but WordPress is definitely something you should use for at least one site. But Blogger is starting to come out of the limelight with some new features and a new dashboard I’ve also noticed.

  4. Linda says:

    Thanks for sharing these great plugins. I use WordPress now for a long time with a lot of plugins. I was looking for the sharebar plugin but couldn’t find it. Keep on the good work!
    Linda recently posted..schiphol parkerenMy Profile

    • Fabrizio says:

      Thanks Linda, yes the Sharebar plugin is a great find. Not many of them work quite as well as the Sharebar does, and offers easy integration and customization, enjoy :)

  5. These plugins are really awesome and they will make work easier for many website owners. I am quite familiar with mail chimp but the rest of the plugins also seem to be very useful. I have seen the share bar on some websites and I must say it is quite cool.

  6. Ashish says:

    I v never optimized my email list it seems like you take lots of care of your newsletter…
    Ashish recently posted..Samsung Omnia W vs Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Smartphone WarMy Profile

  7. Andy says:


    Thanks for reviewing my plugin chimppress! :-)

    Ive just released version 0.7 which includes numerous bug fixes as well as the ability to set up a campaign to send whenever a post is published. It’s not polished yet so keep an eye out for another update coming really soon!



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