A Look at Facebook’s New Page Insights Updates

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Facebook recently rolled out new updates to their page insights… let’s take a look in…

Important Metrics

Let’s start with the metrics of your page; total likes, friends of friends, people talking about this and weekly total reach. Monitoring these four metrics shown below can help you analyse and assess the size of your fan base audience and their behaviour of how they are engaging with the content on your page.

The image below shows data on the number of likes in the purple bubbles, people talking about this in green and weekly reach in blue. By hovering over the question mark symbols you can get in-depth information about what each metric includes.

The interesting metrics to assess are the number of people talking about your content, in other words sharing, liking etc, and the weekly total reach, in other words the number of people who might have seen your message from the result of sharing and liking.

The overview metric graph shows you how your individual posts and messages that you publish on your page influence the number of people talking about your content. This will help you assess your overall reach and enable you to expand that reach by frequently adding new content and engaging better on your page.



Facebook Insights Post Performance

Each post that is published on your page can be viewed here as shown below. The insights here will tell you how each post is performing in terms of reach, number of engaged users, number of people talking about your content and virality. The virality indicator is very useful as it can give you an immediate indicator as to what kind of posts and content your visitors respond the most to.

You can view a snapshot of each post by clicking on a post link.


Even Deeper Detailed Metrics

In the sidebar under insights, you can dive deeper into the metrics of the likes, reach and number of people talking about your post and content. Let’s take who’s talking about this for example…


Your Audience

The data shown on who’s talking about this for example will enable you to learn more about the people talking about your posts and content you’ve shared, this also includes every body else who has created a story about your page. You can also view and analyse the demographics about the people who like your page, and the people your content reaches out to. This will inevitably enable you to refine and create more content to publish specifically for your Facebook audience, which will help to improve the results shown here.


How People Talk About Your Content

This data will provide you with information about how people are talking about your content. Understanding how people interact with your page can help you identify the types of content that will help promote greater engagement on your page.


Exporting Your Data

You can also access your page level or post level data for downloading at a maximum of 1,000 posts at a time.

Thoughts on Facebook Insights Updates…

The new Facebook page insights are a great improvement, and will help a lot of businesses who pursue social media marketing with Facebook realise the types of content that is needed to increase reach and audience interaction.

Let me know your own thoughts and reactions about the new updates on Facebook Insights and how you plan to use it to improve the impact of your social media marketing. You can view more information on Facebook Insights here.

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  1. This is great news for all website owners. I am sure that this will help them to gauge how well their websites are doing and how and where to improve. Now you can actually see what you are not doing right and try do your best in it. .

  2. Aanchal says:

    Hi Fabrizio,

    I don’t have good knowledge about Facebook Insight and curious to know what is “who’s talking about this”? If anyone share and like my FB page post only then it’ll show some data?
    Aanchal recently posted..Web Design IndiaMy Profile

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