7 Ways How NOT To Do Email Marketing

In the right hands, the email can be a very powerful marketing tool. When done correctly, email marketing can help your business reach a wider audience, increase readership to your blog and help to increase your conversion rate at minimum costs. The effectiveness of email marketing also depends on several major factors including –

  • The quality of your list
  • Design and layout of your emails
  • Quality of the content or information in your email
  • What email service provider you use
  • What social and sharing tools are available to make it go viral and so on…

Today I want to share with you, especially if you’re new or starting to think about doing email marketing, 10 things you shouldn’t use email marketing for, or more appropriately 10 things to avoid when doing email marketing.


Avoid spamming and excessive bombardment

First of and foremost; Frequency is important for email marketing to be effective, depending on the value of your emails and the nature of your audience you should try and send no more than one or two emails per week…

I know for a fact that many companies and individuals send hundreds of emails every week … To begin with you will only have a few subscribers to your list, and unless you can provide unique and valuable information on a regular basis, I’d be tempted stick to starting out with just one or two emails at the most per week, ideally one per week would be ample.

Avoid collecting email data without prior consent

One of the biggest mistakes many email marketing newbies make is collecting email addresses or data without prior consent to build their list; this is a definite no, no. Always use an opt-in form to build your list. Check out our post on the top 5 places for your email opt-in form.

Avoid sending inappropriate non-related content

If someone signs up to receive your email updates about bird watching, don’t send them emails with information about dieting pills… I think you understand what I mean by this… Also avoid sending inappropriate content that could be seen as offensive aggressive.

Don’t use emails to send out tons of download links

Construct your emails well and add valuable content as always. Sending emails containing tons of download links for example is not marketing, but purely spamming as far as I’m concerned, although many marketers will disagree with me here. If possible at all avoid doing this completely.

If you have something useful for your audience such as a new downloadable product you want them to check out, provide a link to a post or article such as a review where the download link is contained. This is a better option.

Avoid using spammy looking anchor-text links like FREE and CLICK HERE or DOWNLOAD NOW

This is another popular tactic you see a lot of and one that I’ve been guilty of doing myself when I first started; So avoid using the inevitable spammy looking hyper-text links.

Under the right circumstances these are ok, but essentially the keywords and phrases FREE, DOWNLOAD NOW and CLICK HERE for example should be avoided as they instantly spell out spam to many email filters. You’ll end up with a low inbox delivery rate leading to ineffective email marketing.

Avoid Not giving the option or making it difficult for recipients to unsubscribe

spam email

If you look at the sample email image above, which I receive on a regular basis by the way, you will notice that there is no option for me to opt out, which can be really frustrating. If you use a reputable email marketing service provider such as MailChimp or Vertical Response this option is added automatically to your email campaigns.

Avoid using excessive media

Using excessive images or other forms of large media files such as videos can make the download process lengthily, which will also frustrate your subscribers or recipients. Again if you use a reputable email service provider you can analyse the size of your email and optimize it for a better inbox delivery rate.

Well that’s just some basic tips for all you beginners, but I certainly feel they are essential to keep in mind when starting out with email marketing. Let me in on your reactions on the above tips and suggestions, and if you have any further tips to add please do so as always in the comments section below.

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  • http://extraordinaryfigures.com Katie Woodard

    Thanks for the tips. I didn’t think of a couple of these things. Specifically, I haven’t been putting an opt-out option in my emails. I haven’t sent very many of them yet, so it is not a big deal, but in the future I will definitely have an Unsubscribe link or something.

  • http://ukbusinesslink.co.uk Samantha Wright

    Awesome tips Fabrizio, I know the kind of email you’re talking about but i don’t see the image sample?

  • http://www.kudoswebdesign.co.uk Kudos

    Sending emails to people without their consent has got to be one of the worst things you can do. There’s nothing worse than receiving spam emails from unknown sources.