Why You Should Consider Creating a Product in the form of an eBook in 2012

90% of Americans Already Own or Want a Tablet PC this Holiday

We don’t often share news content with our readers on this blog, however here’s an interesting info-graphic to cast your eye’s over, it’s also just a bif of fun…

The graphic reveals how 90% of Americans already own or want a tablet device this holiday. The interesting part is that 76% of them want or use one to purely read books. Which begs the inevitable question to ask to many fellow marketers and bloggers out there… if you haven’t already done so, isn’t it time you considered creating a premium product in the form of an eBook of some sort, to either make money online or to simply use to build your list more effectively in 2012? Personally I think yes, yes and yes… what about you?

Anyhow it would be interesting to also know, how many of you out there are expecting a tablet computer this Christmas… enjoy the info-graphic.

Choosing A Tablet For The Holidays
Via: WebProNews.com

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  1. Scott Jones says:

    For sure the use of tablets is increasing worldwide but I am still skeptical regarding its worldwide popularity. SO far as your main target audience reside in the US, by all means you should consider having an ebook, otherwise, this is something to be considered in the future, like in my case. Besides, people wanting something doesn’t necessarily translates into actual ownership. Let’s wait for the statistics next year to see how many people actually own a tablet.
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  2. Hamish says:

    It’s an interesting graphic for sure. As the previous commentator said though, not everyone will get what they want this Christmas.

    However, I rather suspect that there will be more than a few Kindle Touch’s and Nook Simple touch readers appearing under a whole lot of trees this Christmas – so the suggestion of getting an ebook out there seems like a good one to me.

    I’m sure I read that more Kindle books are sold in January than at any other time throughout the year. Presumably due to all those lucky gift recipients firing up their new Kindles and downloading a few ebooks.

    So really, you want to be getting your ebook uploaded before Christmas I think.
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  3. Hi Samantha
    I think you are spot on, I would love a tablet for Christmas and many of my friends / colleagues are using Kindle on their phones and want to move up to a tablet /iPad2.
    It’s interesting that I have stumbled upon bloggers residing in Cornwall, I have just started blogging seriously and am hoping that it will become more than a hobby.
    Also love the info-graphic!

  4. Hey Sammy thanks for sharing the infographic. 90 percent is staggering though I agree with Scott; the actual statistics would be a better indicator. Your suggestion for creating a book or guide for use on tablets and Kindles for marketing purposes however is a great idea… I’d also love to see what the worldwide ownership statistics would be.

  5. I have a Kindle but I’d love to have a tab. I think tabs have set in a trend, everyone wants to own a tab. Normally these tabs are quite expensive but I came across a $35 tab in some tech news and I’m still surprised that tabs can come so cheap.

  6. Cheryl says:

    This is one great info-graphic… Thank you for sharing this, I can see clearly what you want us to see… But having tab these days is one of the trend that people follows. Anyway, I still believe for the effectiveness of ebook too…
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  7. Kudos says:

    This is a great blog post with some nice infographics. Ebooks are definitely becoming more and more popular. I have a Kindle Keyboard and, although I love the feel of a real book, nothing beats the comfortable experience of reading on an ebook reader. No more fighting with a book to read the words near the middle or getting an achy arm from big books!

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