14+ Things To Look For When Choosing A New Blog Design

Your blog design or theme says everything about your blog, who’s behind the blog and how passionate you are about creating visual impact to your audience. If you’re thinking about changing your current blog design (updating your theme), there are many options available to you as you may know.

If your blog is powered by WordPress, there are even more options as may also know. WordPress makes customization and personalization of any blog or website very easy to do. In any case whether you decide to invest in a new premium theme, or perhaps hire someone to create a unique and individual theme the choice is completely yours. If you’re able to code, you can even create your own theme.

What ever you decide to do, when ever buying a theme or creating a new blog design from scratch, there are some essential minimum requirements that you must have on your list, so to assist you I’ve created a list of 14+ things to look for when thinking about a new blog design. Many of these elements are often overlooked by many bloggers when it comes to their blog design, but hopefully the list will come useful for you.

Choosing a new blog design tips

14 Top Blog Design Elements To Consider

  1. Unique and personal design - If you’re choosing a premium theme, find one that isn’t so popular and used by thousands of other bloggers.
  2. Modern clean layout - Remember that you want to highlight the content on your blog with minimum distractions, so choose a blog design that is clean and fresh.
  3. Good use of colors - Use colors that compliments your brand image, for example, black, grey and red on a white background compliments Magner4Marketing’s image.
  4. Good font type and size - Make sure you pick out a good font type and size to suite a wider audience. Avoid fonts like Comic Sans. Good fonts are Ariel and Georgia in 14 size font.
  5. Neutral or subtle background - Avoid using explosive colour back grounds, consider using a high quality image for your blog design background.
  6. Cross browser capabilities - Ensure that your theme compatible across all popular web browsers including mobile browsers.
  7. Optimized for quick page loading - Essential for making your your site user friendly and for meeting Google’s quality guidelines.
  8. Good navigation - Essential for creating good user experience on your blog.
  9. Integrated search box - Allows users to search for content and articles on your blog. As you know the default search box in WordPress is pretty useless, so consider adding a customized Google search box or install the Relevanssi plugin.
  10. Regular updates available – When choosing a premium WordPress theme, ensure that there are regular updates available such as Genesis or Thesis.
  11. Well coded - For security and flawless performance.
  12. Easily customizable - To make your theme more personal to you. Ensure that you can change things like headers, footers, menu locations, favicon image etc.
  13. Widgetized footer available - Most premium themes comes with a widgetized footer such as Genesis.
  14. RSS - Ensure when choosing or creating a blog theme that it allows you to easily set up RSS.
  15. Mobile responsive - This is a big one, most sites now have to be mobile responsive to allow users to be able to access your content using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.

So there you have it, take these 14+ elements away with you the next time you change or purchase a new premium theme for your blog… and if I’ve missed any out, kindly leave them in the comments section below as always.

Image courtesy of Flickr user: Daniel.julia

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