6 Ways to Improve your Online Business in 2012

Improve your online business in 2012 – 2011 has been a great year no doubt for many people already in business and especially for those who have just started out. With the year almost coming to a close it will soon be time to begin making plans for making your business even better and stronger for 2012.

So what can you do to improve your online business in 2012? I’ve been asking myself the same question, and so below I’ve suggested some ideas you might want to consider –

Create new products

Why should you create a new product or maybe several new products for your business? Well one good reason is that consumers love choices. Creating new products or offering a new service is a great way to expand your company’s portfolio and promote new business. It also displays to your consumer market that as a company you are is willing and able to be innovative and try out new things.

If you’ve had an idea for a new product but have not yet explored the avenues of a product creation, make it happen in 2012.

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Improve your online business customer service

This is a big one and I’m sure many online business owners out there will agree that you cannot improve enough on your customer service. One of the things consumers look for in particular is efficiency and high levels of professionalism. Just improving one area of you customer service can attract a lot more business.

Here’s a prime example, a few months back we added a live online support feature to our online art business and sales have increased by almost 23%… Just by letting our customers know that they could reach us anytime of the day, between working hours within a click of the mouse made such a difference.

Find an area in your customer service and see if you could improve it in anyway in 2012.

Give your website a new look

Online presence is everything and if your site isn’t looking as attractive or up to date as it should be then it’s definitely time to consider a complete website redesign.

For example, lets say you rung an ecommerce website and it’s somewhat lacking in features that most of your competitors already have, you could quite literally be throwing money away and losing out on potential business, in which case it’s definitely time to seriously think about making a change

Implement new marketing ideas

Maybe it’s time to throw that old marketing guide in the trash and look at fresh new ideas to market and promote your business. The world of online marketing is an ever changing one, maybe you haven’t yet dabbled with social media, maybe you’re still waiting to get your head around email marketing, and maybe you haven’t spent enough time on doing promotions. What ever it is you want to do, in 2012 make it the year you implement new marketing ideas and strategies to your business.

Give something back

This is something we all can do a lot more of and you know something, sometimes giving something back can open a whole new can of opportunities for your business, yes even in this current climate. If you can create a product to giveaway to your first-time customers, do it. If you can raise money each month for charity and get press coverage for it, do it. If you can help out another business develop, do it. We’re all in the same game regardless whether we have competition or rivalry or whatever you want to call it. Give something back!

Look at Apple™ and Microsoft™ … many people believe that Apple wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for the ‘helping hand’ of Microsoft™!

Learn something new

Finally learn something new that is going to help you improve the way you run your online business online, or going to improve your business as a whole.

Whether it’s a new course you want to enrol into, a new book you want to start reading make it happen in 2012.

As I mentioned at the start of this post there are many ways in which you could improve your online business for next year, if I’ve missed out any be sure to add them in your comments below.

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Samantha Wright is the co-founder of Magnet4Marketing. She occasionally contributes a guest post to the blog, however her main roll is to manage the marketing and advertising side of the business in her spare time. She currently works at Mole Valley Forage Services as a direct sales manager. You can view Samantha's professional profile on LinkedIn.


  1. Hi Samantha,

    Good post… I hope, for me 2012 is going to be the year for my business to truly take off. I have spent 2011 finally learning how to make money online. I have exceeded some of my targets and I am now thirsty for more. I know know this works and I am looking to expand upon this…

    I am also looking to release at least 6 products of my own within the next twelve months. That is around one for every two months, which I think is very achievable.
    Chris Cole recently posted…My Amazon Earnings September 2011My Profile

  2. Hi Chris thank you for your comment. It sounds like you’ve had a busy year with your business and well done in achieving your goals, it’s always great to hear how others are doing with their online businesses. You sound very passionate about your long term goals. The best of luck with your product launches throughout 2012, I will visiting your blog to get the full low down :)

  3. The most important factor to achieve a greater audience online is to have a good looking and user friendly website with quality contents. That’s the basics. But 2012 and onward is a total game changer. Most developers or even companies to include a mobile version of their website since most people now are using mobile gadgets to surf the net. I strongly suggest that a mobile website is indeed a must.

  4. Improving customer service skills should be high up on the list of improvements to make to a business and learning new skills is always a good idea.

  5. I have been offering great contest to clients that refer,buy or sell a home using my services.
    The next contest with be a 4 day cruise to Baja Mexico. I advertise on my website and all other advertisement to generate excitement.

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