5 Things You Need to Possess Before You Start Your First Blog

Start your First Blog – Everyday tons of new blogs pop-up on the blogosphere radar, many of those new blogs last for a couple of weeks, some lasts for a few months, a few go on for a couple of years even and a small majority of them go on to become successful blogs.

So what does it really take to become a successful blogger or more over, what are the essential requirements needed to start your first blog? Let’s take a look –

Start your first Blog Ingredient #1: Time

Time without a shadow of a doubt is one of the most essential ingredients needed to start your first blog and becoming successful in blogging. So before you consider starting a blog, you’ve got to first understand the importance of time management and prioritization. As I keep mentioning in many of my posts that blogging is a legitimate and profitable online business venture just like any other online business idea, one needs to dedicate time to developing an online business.

Starting Line at Sunrise

Making time to spend building your blog and writing good content is essential to get the ball rolling, and to help get you into a regimental routine, where you’re automatically dedicating say a few hours each day after work or college to work on your blog.

Putting off spending time to work on your blog because you don’t want to miss the latest episode of 90210 is not going to help you achieve anything, it’s simply a sign that you’re not dedicated to managing your time more efficiently. As I mentioned, many newbie bloggers might have daily commitments whether it’s a job or college or family commitments and understandably that comes first. But essentially if you want to start your first blog and want it to be successful, you’ve got to understand that like anything worth achieving in life, you may well have to sacrifice a large part of your social or recreational lifestyle to become successful.

Start your first Blog Ingredient #2: Passion

The second most vital ingredient needed to start your first blog is passion. Not just being passionate about the topic or niche of your blog, but passionate about writing, engaging, succeeding and wanting to dedicate time to building your blogging business. You simply need to be passionate about the whole aspect of blogging.

One of the biggest passion killers in blogging is the length of time that it takes to see any real substantial results from the long hours of hard work you have to put into blogging.

If you’re truly passionate from the start, you can easily work beyond your aims, and you become even hungrier for success regardless of the level of progress you’re making.

Start your first Blog Ingredient #3: Ability to Learn & Adapt…

One of the biggest hurdles many newbie bloggers face when starting out is the learning process.

Admittedly there is so much to learn in blogging and you cannot take it all in overnight. It takes months and in many cases years to learn everything there is to know. And there are always new methods, techniques and strategies being developed, so the learning curve is almost never ending.

But as long as you’re willing and able to learn and adapt to new skills, you can go a long way with developing your blogging business successfully and more importantly efficiently.

Start your first Blog Ingredient #4: Perseverance & Consistency

We move on to essential ingredients number four ‘perseverance’ and ‘consistency’. This is being able to maintain a high level of work input, dedication and time on a consistent basis. Not everyone possesses it all and the real test of your perseverance will come when you begin to realise the slow progress you’re making for all the effort you’re putting into your blog.

Many newbie bloggers start off a blog with the single intention of making money from it. They become hyped up and excited by that prospect. They get a blog with a free blogging platform of some kind, whack on some poorly written content, loads of pictures and a couple of videos maybe, and plaster it with ads and Google AdSense blocks to kingdom come… and after a few weeks they realise that they’re not making much from blogging as they thought they might have been… so they give up.

If you’re just starting out, learn to combine your passion for writing and success, perseverance and consistency and you’ll certainly go a long way. Focus on learning new skills and doing things the right way too.

Start your first Blog Ingredient #5: IT & Typing Skills

Last but not least would be to possess some basic computer skills. Most of us know how to turn on a computer and use a mouse and keyboard and what have you. But blogging demands a lot of inputting of information, and the only way to do that is to type that information in… Whether it’s creating content, marketing and promoting, using social networking or what ever, it all involves inputting information into the computer to make that happen.

If you’re really keen on the idea of starting your own blog but your computer or typing skills isn’t up to scratch consider taking a computer course of some sort as this can really help you. Other than that there’s only one other way to hone in on your computer and typing skills… practice makes perfect.

So there you have it intrepid blogging newbie’s… Now really decide whether you still want and have what it takes to start your first blog, the best of luck to you.

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  1. Great article. It’s so hard allocating time to a new blog when there aren’t enough hours in the day already to get everything you want done. Passion is definitely essential though if you’re going to be dedicating a lot of time to a new blog.

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