Bloggers: 11 Most Powerful Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel

Why promote your YouTube channel? – In May 2011, YouTube reported in its company blog that the site was receiving in excess of three billion views per day, so when it comes to utilizing YouTube to effectively market your business or your blog online, it’s a pretty big deal right? Video marketing is something you simply can’t ignore or put at the bottom of your list… Yet these days most bloggers and online marketers are so caught up in the Facebook and Google Plus circle…

But with more than 24 hours of videos uploaded per minute on YouTube, it’s going to be one heck of a challenge to have your videos even seen let alone found on YouTube. So how can you take the bull by the horns so to speak, and get your YouTube channel viewed by potentially hundreds and even thousands of targeted viewers? I have absolutely no idea would be my honest answer to you… I bet you didn’t expect me to say that right?

But however, there are some very powerful and effective marketing tactics in which you can implement to market and promote your YouTube channel, and get more views to your videos, and effectively more subscribers to your channel, let’s take a look at 11 ways to promote your YouTube channel.

Create High Quality Videos

Creating high quality videos has the same implications as creating high quality posts on your blog, and it is the first port of call to promote your YouTube channel. If your videos lack in quality both visually and informatively, viewers simply won’t be interested in watching them. They’ll go to the next channel… If you have a mobile phone or digital camera with a high quality video recording feature, then make good use of it.

Recording yourself is one of the hardest things you can do, but practice makes perfect so goes the saying. Check out our tips on how to overcome your video blogging fears

Brand your YouTube Channel

Giving your channel your own brand image is a good marketing tactic to promote your YouTube channel effectively, which will help visitors who visit your blog or website frequently to recognize your brand on your channel, by a banner or logo maybe.

If you haven’t already started doing this, log into your YouTube account right now and start branding…

Make it easy for users to Subscribe

YouTube makes it really easy for users to subscribe to your channel by displaying the big yellow subscribe buttons in your channel and on your videos, so the more quality videos you have, the more subscribers you will get.

If you’re using a dedicated landing page as we’ll look at later, you can also mimic the big yellow subscribe button to add to your site or your blog pages.

Add a YouTube Subscription Icon to your Blog

A short while back we shared with you a short tutorial on how to add social icons to your WordPress blog, one of the biggest advantages of using your own code structure is that you can add any icons you wish as apposed to just installing another plugin with limitations.

If your blog gets a lot of traffic, why not add a YouTube subscription icon to your sidebar and link it back to your channel? That way you can refer targeted traffic from your blog to your YouTube Channel, get more views and more subscribers. It worked a treat for my online art website, and as a result two of my videos received over 10,000 views in the first 6 months of making them live. Over 30% of that traffic came from the homepage of my art website according to Google YouTube Insights.

Create a welcome video for your website or Blog

A lot of top bloggers and webmasters are now creating a welcome video or a featured video post to put on their website’s home page i.e. John Chow and Darren Rowse do really well with this.

I think this a great tactic to both greet new and existing visitors to your blog, and to prompt some of your visitors to check out the link to your other videos on your YouTube channel. Again a tactic used to drive traffic from your website to your YouTube channel.

Create a Dedicated Landing Page and Embed some Videos

How about creating a dedicated page on your blog or website with some of your YouTube videos embedded in them? You can then effectively market and promote that page using on-page SEO, adding social sharing tools and integrating a Facebook comment system even. You can also add a link to your YouTube channel (big yellow subscribe button we talked about in tip#2) asking your visitors to view more of your videos on YouTube or to even subscribe.


Advertising your channel can be a costly tactic to use. From previous experiences I’ve found using PPC campaigns and purchasing ad spots on sites like BuySellAds or Puxee can work quite effectively. You might also want to consider the options of using Facebook Ads.

Get the T-Shirt(s)

How about getting some t-shirts printed with your YouTube channel showing on the front and back. Last Christmas I gave some of my family and friends just that, though it didn’t go down a treat with some of them, quite a few of them were happy to just wear them around the house. You could of course wear them yourself but… I’m not too sure about that one :)

Learn How to Get Tons Traffic from YouTube

If you want to really learn how you can use YouTube and video marketing to drive traffic to your business or website, check out the video traffic academy by top video marketing expert James Wedmore.

Leave Video Responses on other YouTube Videos

One of the most effective ways to get YouTuber’s back to your channel is to leave short and effective video responses on other YouTube videos. This is also good practice for when you gear yourself up to do video blogging if you’re still trying to build up courage to do so…

Using video responses I think create a more positive impact on getting your points across. Also not many people leave video responses which theoretically can make your responses more unique.

Leave good comments on other YouTube Videos

Finally… leave good comments, and I mean good comments on other YouTube videos. The types of responses I’m talking about are –

  • Praises
  • Your own views and tips
  • Practical criticism
  • Your own experiences
  • Questions and answers

OK lets round up the points we’ve just looked at to promote your YouTube channel -

  • Create high quality videos
  • Brand your YouTube channel
  • Make it easy for users to subscribe
  • Add a YouTube subscription icon to your blog
  • Create a welcome video for your website or blog
  • Create a dedicated landing page
  • Advertise
  • Get t-shirts made up
  • Learn how to use video marketing effectively
  • Leave video responses on other videos
  • Leave practical comments on other YouTube videos

Well folks I hope the 10 tips above will serve you well to help you build a stronger YouTube community for your blog. If of course you have any additional tips and suggestions to add, kindly leave them in the comments section below.

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  1. Great tips. Basically, make YouTube part of your business, not just a place to plunk a video. More and more marketers are realizing the power of video, but it needs to be more than just an afterthought to work.

  2. At 3 billion websites views a day you really can’t beat that. I personally don’t use Youtube in my online business, just not a video guy even though I have made a few of them in the past.
    I have been told the best way to get views on your videos is to create videos about stuff in the news. Connecting you online business with current events can be a great way to get traffic.


  3. Raj says:

    Sponsoring a Youtube video that has the potential to go viral is a very good technique… But its hard to spot such videos and get your name into it!
    Raj recently posted..How to Extract Text from an Image or PDF FileMy Profile

  4. Great post dude ! These tips will certainly help us to grow up our YouTube channels !
    PrIyAnGsHu @ MoneyEarningSecrets.Com recently posted..Goaddy $1 Domain Offer ( Coupon Code ) – November 2011My Profile

  5. Three billion views per day! that’s a shocking fact, didn’t know so many users daily get busy with youtube videos. Video Marketing really has achieved a higher level and its here to stay. The response I’ve received after uploading some videos has been amazing.

  6. This is one of the best way to earn more visitors.

  7. Daniel Black says:

    Great tips but to be honest i was not expecting the one on giving tshirt ;) It actually made me laugh. I was trying to picture people wearing tshirts with my blog name on it, lol on top of that giving that as a xmas gift. I’m definitely gonna try that this season and will add your name on tshirt: Gift idea from Fabrizio of Magnet4marketing ;)
    Daniel Black recently posted..What Should My 2011 Tax Code Be?My Profile

    • Hey Daniel, yes the one with the t-shirt always goes down a treat. The look on their faces when they open it up as well… Hey, ‘t-shirt marketing idea by Magnet4Marketing’ sounds prestigious, you never know it could go viral lol.

  8. Casey02 says:

    I personally don’t use Youtube in my online business, just not a video guy even though I have made a few of them in the past.
    Casey02 recently posted..angry birds onlineMy Profile

  9. Ileane says:

    Hi Fabrizio, you have given us some wonderful tips here for YouTube. I really like the idea of sponsoring a video and I need to look into that some more. Do you have a YouTube channel? I would love to subscribe to it. And my channel is MsIleaneSpeaks.

    Thanks – I’m going to check out some more of your YouTube post. (btw – I found your blogs on Bloggers and I’m really happy to see that you have CommentLuv installed.)
    Ileane recently posted..Promote Your Guest Posts The CommentLuv WayMy Profile

  10. Max says:

    It’s one of the things I am planning to add to my marketing arsenal. I know Im missing lot of potential visitors not being on Youtube but when I don’t know anything about making videos. Now I am absorbing anything that is related to it. Thanks for the tips it comes really handy ;)
    Max recently posted..WoW Power Leveling GuideMy Profile

  11. Matt Hawkins says:

    Great article. I like your honesty in paragraph two regarding not knowing the exact answer. Also good to see your first point was “creating high quality videos”. Lots of articles out there telling people how to promote videos forget to mention that you need good content first. Promoting good content is much easier! All good advice with no pointless rubbish about buying subscribers etc.

    Not sure about the T-Shirt technique :)

    • Hey Matt thanks for stopping by, video quality is very important in my mind even if you struggle to come across well in them, if people can see the point you’re trying to make through quality videos it will work. The T-Shirt technique? Well I think it’s more of a marketing gimmick really but it may work for a few :)

  12. First of all thank you for this awesome post!
    I am going to try almost all of them except the T-Shirts lol, that’s nice too if you have lots of friends or you are a student, so you can give them to your friends. But it won’t work for me, so I am gonna exclude that option. Other than that perfect article!
    Preetam Tindwani recently posted..Good Ideas for YouTube VideosMy Profile

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