5 Ways to get your Blog or Website ready for the next Google Pagerank Update

Google pagerank – As you know Google recently rolled out a new pagerank update, which took place almost immediately after their new algorithm update, which as you also know according to Google, affects 35% of web searches.

As of the news we announced pagerank updates and increases across our three main business websites yesterday. But if your site or blog didn’t receive an increase in pagerank, you might want to think about preparing for the next Google pagerank update, which should take place in 3 or 4 months from now.

Many people believe that the Google pagerank is no longer as important as it once used to be, don’t believe it, Google page ranking is very much still an important factor?


One reason I think is because a lot of businesses, clients and potential advertisers look at the Google pagerank as an indicator to tell them how relevant, or how popular a website is in terms of number of links that site has, and generally the quality of the content, traffic etc.

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Clients who look to purchase ad spots on any of my own websites always take into consideration the Google pagerank of those sites. So to me it is important to maintain PR status.

Ok, so what can you do to get your blog or website ready for the next Google pagerank update? Let’s take a look.

Do More Guest Posting

Guest posting is a very much talked about subject on Magnet4Marketing. If you already guest post on say 4 or 5 niche content related blogs that great, but it doesn’t hurt to find a couple more to add to your list. Spread your seeds of authority even further across the web and get more quality backlinks and targeted traffic to your website.

I know this can be challenging sometimes as the more blogs you add to your guest posting list, the more time and resource you take away from your own blog, but guest posting has become one of the most effective online marketing strategies for almost every serious blogger out there.

Comment on More Blogs

You may also already be commenting on a number of niche content related blogs you’re already familiar with on a regular basis, but are you visiting, reading and commenting on blog’s that you haven’t already done so?

If not, then consider building a list of all the blogs you haven’t visited yet but want to over the next few months, then take your time to read and comment on those blogs. As well as building new links and generating new traffic leads to your own website, you can also learn something new, fresh and valuable at the same time.

It’s essential to keep in mind that guest blogging and commenting combined can play a big hand in marketing your blog.

Participate on More Forums

I recently signed up to several new online forums and one of which was UK Business Forums, and for me especially, it’s a great place to share my own knowledge and learn new things at the same time, build new connections and increase readership to my blog.

I would strongly suggest that you pay a little more attention to participating in online forums related to your niche, especially if you don’t already do so. It’s a priceless avenue for generating quality traffic, getting backlinks and of course preparing your blog or website for the next Google pagerank update.

Create More Quality Content for your Site

Back to your own website now, and I know this is much more easily said than done, but creating more quality content, sorry quality UNIQUE content plays a huge roll in preparing your site for next Google page rank update. Also ensure you provide your content with –

  • Suitable bullet points
  • Use H1, 2 and 3 tags
  • Break up your content
  • Use targeted short and long tail keywords
  • Be more specific in your on-page SEO
  • Do lots of internal linking etc…

Be More Consistent

Last but not least, be ever more consistent. Not just consistent with creating content and optimizing that content on your blog or guest posts, but with all of the aspects of marketing your blog in a bid to prepare it for the next big Google pagerank update. So let’s tak a final look at the points we’ve convered to help you increase your website’s Google pagerank -

  • Do more guest posting
  • Comment on more blogs
  • Participate on more online forums
  • Create more quality content
  • Be more consistent throughout…

Add your bit…

Let me know your thoughts and reactions on the tips above, and of course if you have any to add please also feel free to do so in the comments section below.

Image courtesy of Flickr user: Robert Scoble

  • http://www.profitblog.com Raj

    I guess being consistent with our posts is as important as the others. People give a lot of importance to links but forget about other vital techniques, as mentioned in this post.

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Yes Raj you’re absolutely right, although building suitable backlinks and other things are part of the game, I do feel that consistency is the ultimate decider in my mind for any blogger or website owner looking to build popularity online. A careful understanding and balance of the points in this post won’t guarantee results but will certainly come damn close to it and get any website well prepared for the next Google page rank update, I’ve proven that already by guest posting on a new blog each week and leaving good comments on a couple new blogs each day, and making new connections at the same time. But I think many newbie bloggers in particular get the wrong idea altogether about this process and continue to guest post on their one favourite blog week in and week out, and the same thing for commenting. The web is filled with thousands of mind bindingly great blogs out there to be discovered in any niche practically :)

  • http://mosthostserver.com Darren

    Nice post, Fabrizio. The last PR update was very generous it seems. Many pages created in the last month hit PR4. For sure bloggers who have been actively guess blogging seem to have done very well.

    Guest blogging as you suggested is really one of the most effective ways to build links and traffic and PageRank.

    Keep the quality high and all will be well.


    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Darren, thanks for dropping by. I completely agree, though I didn’t realise that many pages that were recently created hit PR4, that’s insane considering that I’m sure many bloggers have worked hard for the last 12 months or so to achieve this status, good to know though. I spoke to a fellow blogger on Twitter recently about guest posting and we talked about quality of the guest posts that were out there. I know of one particular blogger (who I won’t name) who does extremely well to take one guest post consisting of say 1,000 words, chop it up into 10 variations so that they were absolutely unique and of around 400 words each and post it on 10 different blogs. Crazy tactic but it’s worked a treat for him.

  • http://www.carnivalgoa.com Aaron

    Hi Fabrizio,

    Agreed with your points, these are simple, quite common but effective ways to build quality backlinks for your site, which results in high PR. I’ve been focusing on all these techniques and I got increase in my PR as well. :)

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Well done Aaron, thanks for sharing your PR increase with us :)

  • http://www.designscreations.com Aanchal

    Quality of your website pages is very important, you need to foucs more on it. Apart from participating in forum discussions and blog commenting, I would suggest to utilize Yahoo answers as well. Yahoo answers provides no-follow links but still it’s coming from a reputable site so there is no harm at all. :)

    • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Aanchal, it’s funny you should add this and I’m gald that you have. I started getting involved in Yahoo answers at the begining of the year, admitedly I haven’t done a great deal since but as you say coming from a reputable site this counts well. Thanks again.

  • http://www.moneyearningsecrets.com PrIyAnGsHu @ MoneyEarningSecrets.Com

    Great tips Fabrizio ! Guest posting and commenting works well if we want to get a better Pagerank !

  • http://www.trabalhodigital.com.br Luis Bernardinelli

    I have a website stopped on Google PR 2 for almost a year.
    But your tips are exactly what one should do for increasing PR.
    anything beyound that would be “asking for a backlink” from related and high PR websites. Which is very difficult to do and happen.

  • http://extraordinaryfigures.com Katie Woodard

    I do all those things except guest post…how do u go about finding other blogs to post on…i mean, if they have a successful blog they are already posting everything they need to just fine…is there a website you can go to where people are looking for guest writers

  • http://www.yourcameraworld.com/ Jane | Your Camera World

    Touche`, Fabrizio . What you suggested are valid points. They are indeed feasible and plausible as pagerank depends on number of in-links to your page and quality of the content. Means if you want higher page rank then you should have high number of quality in-links to your page. Thanks for the useful tips.

  • http://thebestadvertisingblog.blogspot.com Sondra

    Thanks for this post, lots of online forums have stated that PR is dead and keywords rule. Recently have been hearing about Google updating PR in a few months so these are easy steps to implement to get your blogs prepared.

  • http://www.fantasyjumperz.net Ron @ San Jose Jumpers

    Hey thanks for these great tips. All I have been doing is commenting on blogs but haven’t decided to guess post yet. If I post an article on my blog and guess post on someone else blog withe the same article, would Google think that is the same content and penalize my website?

    • Samantha Wright

      Ron, what you’re asking is pretty obvious, not only is Google going to penalize you for having the same duplicate content, but you’re also going to piss a lot of other bloggers and webmasters whom you’re looking to post the same content on as a guest post. If you’re seriously unaware of the consequences of posting the same duplicate content from your blog on other blog’s, anyone’s advice would be to NOT to do it. It’s unethical and one of the biggest ways to fail at blogging, hope this helps :)