Affiliate Sales Commissions Reverals by Shareasale a Headache

I don’t often criticize or bad mouth companies on this blog and the last time I did that, was regarding the level of customer service of Max Blog Press’ Ninja Affiliate plugin which I purchased and never received…

Shareasale Void Commission Reversals

This time round I’m dragging Shareasale into the ring…


I’ve been a huge fan of Shareasale since I started using them earlier on this year, and they’ve contributed nicely to my affiliate income on this blog. However recently, I regret to report that they’ve been p155ing me off more than pleasing me. Why you might ask? Well because of their current commission reversal rate, it’s an absolute joke!

I started making good money with Shareasale from the start, and have even been completely honest with them when I’ve made a purchase myself and seen that I was paid commission on them, which I rightfully declared, and which they reversed appropriately. But it seems that since then they’ve been a little trigger happy with the old ‘void: sales reversal’ button I’d say.

$120.65 worth of sales voided and reversed with no explanation in the last 3 months, the only reason they had used was – Voided: Repeat Order Sale! Can anyone explain to me what the hell that means exactly, as there is no information on their website regarding this that I could find, and as far as email enquiries are concerned I received zero reply… hmmm I wasn’t so impressed with them now…

After doing some research on the web I found a post on forum by a user with exactly similar problems as myself. The forum post is almost 2-years old, but if this has been carrying on since then, I’m seriously considering ditching Shareasale as a respectable affiliate.

Have you experienced similar happenings with your Shareasale commissions?

I know this is probably a long shot, but if anyone else is seeing a regular number of reversals in their Shareasale commissions with the reason of Voided: Repeat Order Sale, please do share your experiences, thoughts with us, as always leave us a comment below.

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  1. Samantha Wright says:

    120 dollars isn’t much for many but if you are just starting out it can be disheartening I know :(

    • Hey Sam, I know it is disheartening… I enjoy using Shareasale to promote Genesis products but it’s almost like out of every three sales there are two reversals it’s really frustrating to say the least.

  2. Bhavesh Patel says:

    I am also facing the same agony, I have around 9 reversed sale.
    really getting frustrated.

  3. I e-mailed Copyblogger about it, since all of my Genesis sales have been voided for that reason, to figure out why.

    Did you get any answer to this?

    • Hi Brandon, sorry to hear about your voided commission sales, that really sucks I feel for you man. Yes I emailed Shareasale also almost 6 months ago. They explained to me that they had a lot of affiliates suffering from the same problem and this was the cause of it…

      Here goes…

      Each time you make a new affiliate sale you get a commission as you know. Say you make one sale ever and that person downloads the product from the email Shareasale / CopyBlogger sends out to the customer after a sale. If that same customer goes back to that email 3 months later for example and downloads it again, it is registered on your affiliate account as a sale. Say the customer downloads it again for the third time, again it will register in your account as another sale.

      So you could be thinking that you’re making all these sales but the truth of it is that you’re not. They then end up being voided as repeat sales, leaving you confused and disheartened. It was nice of Shareasale to share the reason behind this but it’s not good enough, surely they can fix the damn problem so that it doesn’t happen.

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