Google AdSense Should Not Be your only Blog Monetization Method

I get around the forums and blog networks on a regular basis and one of the things that I read a lot about are bloggers, newbies in particular, losing faith in trying to make money from blogging, because they’re not making a great deal from Google AdSense… Google AdSense should NOT be the only blog [...]

How to Protect your Blog from Hackers by using Limited Login Attempts Plugin for WordPress

If you haven’t already come across the Limited Login Plugin for WordPress then allow me to share it with you. This plugin is an absolute godsend, and for me one of the most essential plugins to have in your arsenal of plugins as far as I’m concerned and here’s why… Over the recent of months [...]

3 Awesome New WordPress Plugins Worth Checking Out

Plugins help to make your WordPress powered website a powerhouse, and this month we’ve found three cool plugins worth checking out, if you already haven’t come across them yet. Two of them are brand spanking new and one has been out for a while but recently received an update, but nevertheless it’s still an awesome [...]

Social Media Marketing is an Indispensable Business Tool

Social media marketing is no longer optional for businesses. If you think you can avoid taking part in Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, and all the other popular social networks, you’re deluding yourself. Your competition is already there and they’re making connections each day with potential clients. These are your potential clients also. Can any company [...]

Using Company Pages on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been one of the few social networks that have been able to carve its own niche on the internet.  It has created a great social media marketing platform for the businesses as well as the professionals. The reason for this is that it allows companies and professionals to connect in a way that [...]

YouTube or Vimeo for Your Business?

YouTube or Vimeo, which do you use for business? Today you will hardly find a person who doesn’t know or hasn’t used the service Vimeo Views. This service helps people who own a video to get as many views as possible. But before getting views there comes the choice of the video-sharing platform. Everybody knows [...]

30+ Reputable Places to Get Massive Backlinks to your Blog

One of the biggest challenges yet one of the most important aspects of getting high quality traffic to your website or your blog is through building backlinks. Why is it so important?, simply because without quality backlinks, there is no other productive way to improve your search engine rankings, as content alone won’t do it. [...]

7 Ways How NOT To Do Email Marketing

In the right hands, the email can be a very powerful marketing tool. When done correctly, email marketing can help your business reach a wider audience, increase readership to your blog and help to increase your conversion rate at minimum costs. The effectiveness of email marketing also depends on several major factors including – The [...]

14+ Things To Look For When Choosing A New Blog Design

Your blog design or theme says everything about your blog, who’s behind the blog and how passionate you are about creating visual impact to your audience. If you’re thinking about changing your current blog design (updating your theme), there are many options available to you as you may know. If your blog is powered by [...]

6 Tips for Writing Long Blog Posts

There is a lot of debate about how long blog posts should be. Some bloggers prefer to write short punchy posts that take the reader straight to the points of interest, whilst many other bloggers prefer to write long more elaborated articles. I personally prefer a balance of both, though I do enjoy writing longer [...]