The 5 Pros of Working from Home [Part One]

What are the pros of working from home? A lot of people dream of the opportunity of working from home, and I know that there are a lot of people out there working hard right now to make that dream happen one day. If you’re one of those people, then keep doing what you’re doing, work hard, focus on your dreams and that day will come.

I’ve been working from home since 2006, and over the last 3 years in particular, I have enjoyed it more than ever before because of my new found love for blogging. However, working from home is no easy accomplishment even when you get to that point, today we’re going to have a bit of fun and take a look at the five pros of working from home.

pros of working from home

The Pros of Working from Home

So what are the advantages of working from home? Let’s take a look; below I’ve outlined 5 possible pros of working from home –

  1. You become your own boss
  2. You can be flexible with your time
  3. You don’t need to travel to work
  4. You get to make ‘the executive’ decisions
  5. You decide how much money you want to make

#1 You Are Your Own Boss

Being your own boss is great, personally for me being in charge of everything that I do work wise is a reminder that if I don’t pull my weight and be more productive, I only have myself to blame at the end of the day.

Being the boss isn’t light work, you’ve got to be able to be organized, focused, disciplined, more than ever since you don’t answer to anyone else, and you also need to be consistent. I love being all of those things but it’s hard work to keep yourself motivated…

#2 Flexibility

Many people will agree that working from home gives you the freedom to be flexible with your time; this means you can manage and structure your work time to suit your lifestyle, so spending more time with family and friends, and generally being there when you’re needed the most is always possible when you’re your own boss. However we also need to be careful not to take this opportunity too much for granted.

#3 You Don’t Need To Travel To Work

This was one of the biggest plus points for me because I personally hated traveling to work. One of the biggest reasons why I wanted to become my own boss was because of the retched commuting to and from work; also working from home meant that I could save money on commuting, but most importantly I could do my bit to help save the environment by not using the car so often.

#4 You Make Your Own Decisions

Ultimately being your own boss means you have to make most of the decisions in your day-to day business. This isn’t a problem for me unless it’s a tough call, where upon I may need a second opinion from somebody else. If you’re your own boss and find the decision making challenging, then learn to share them with your friends and family, or even with one of your professional connections on LinkedIn if you use LinkedIn.

#5 You Decide How Much Money You Want To Make

I thought long and hard about this one and many will argue that no, you actually don’t decide how much money you make working from home. But if you think about it, the more you put into your business the more you’re going to reap from it… Like the famous saying ‘you get out what you put in’.

The above 5 pros of working from home are based on my thoughts and experiences, there are of course many other advantages of working from home, and one of the things I didn’t mention is that you get most out of being your own boss, is experiencing a great sense of personal achievement, it’s something that in my mind, I could never experience myself by working for somebody else, I’ve said that many times before.

Well that’s my top 5 pros of working from home; in the next post I’ll share with you my five cons of working from home, so stay tuned. In the meantime if you work from home, why not share with us your top 5 pros, I’d love to hear them. Add your comments below as always.

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    Great Tips! Definitely Working From Home Facilitates you to earn decent amount of revenue! You can accommodate this work according to your requirements and provide you more chance for learning and earning simultaneously!

  • SSN Raju

    I am working from home since one year, I like these five pros and one more, you need not dress up for work. This is a different life style. I find it it is more hard work when compared to regular jobs. I started liking it.

    Good post. by the by thanks I got the idea of using commentLuv from your site. thank you for that.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Good point SSN thanks for adding this, glad you liked the pros of working from home, keep an eye out for the cons of working from home coming soon ;)

  • Hamish

    Hello Fabrizio,

    Great post – and I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying the whole work at home experience. I would agree with all of the advantages that you listed – I also think that getting to spend time with your family, and to be there for them when they need you (and vice versa) is a big advantage.

    Best Regards,