Guest Blogging Tips That will knock Your Socks Off

You might have noticed that almost every blogger in the blogosphere is using guest blogging to add sparkle and variety to their blogs. I’ve also used guest blogging at times to add variety to my own blog, and I think it’s one of the best ways to build some quality audience for your blog as well as to skyrocket your blog’s subscribers.

But creating sparkle for your blog by using guest blogging is not a child’s play task that everyone knows how to play. It requires great effort, creativity and most importantly knowledge and expert skills that all guest bloggers uses to craft their Guest posts. Even I’ve faced a lot of problems in the starting stages of my guest blogging endeavors that have helped me to create a mountain of rejected guest posts! But after spending a few months perfecting my guest blogging abilities, I am able to reap the benefits that guest blogging has to bring, and one that helps me to write some quality guest posts with maximum approval rate.


So in this article I’m rounding up and sharing with you some of my guest blogging tips that will help you to become a better guest blogger.

Be Selective:

I would suggest to you to become a very selective person and select only appropriate and popular blogs for submitting your guest posts to. Because it will help you to spread your words of wisdom more effectively, if you select a blog that has low quality audience and traffic then you will only be able to showcase your valuable words in front of a limited audience. If you select major players then the quality and quantity grows parallel for you to showcase your valuable words.

So make sure you ask these questions to yourself before selecting any blogs you wish to submit your guest posts to:

Q.1: Is this blog’s content related to my blog’s content?

Q.2: What’s the current quality & quantity of audience and general readers?

Q.3: How does this blog perform in the search engines?

Q.4: How much Presence does this blog have on the social media platform? Etc….

Do Some Homework:

Do some homework by performing a small research on the blog that you will be writing for, this will help you to increase the quality of your posts, and also help you to have a ‘clear thought’ about what types of guest posts that mostly get approved on the blog itself. So make sure that you are able to find the answers of some of the questions below whilst you are doing your homework…

Q.1: Who’s going to read my guest posts?

Q.2: What voice & tone you should I use to write my posts?

Q.3:  What is the most common & buzzed topic on the blog?

Q.4: Which types of posts receives more reader engagement, Facebook likes, shares, tweets, +1′s, comments etc..?

Q.5: What types of guest posts mostly gets approved by the blogger?

Q.6: What are the rules and guidelines for guest blogging on the blog?

If you able to get answers for all the above questions by doing your homework, then you’ll have a clear vision in your head of what types of posts have higher chances to getting approved and also how to write those posts…

Write Killer Posts:

The most important things that turns your guest posts into shiny diamonds that reflects your blog, is the words that you use to craft your guest posts. If your guest post has nice quality and engaging information that are crafted in well manner, then the chances of it getting approved increases dramatically. So make sure you showcase your writing abilities by writing some quality guest posts if you want to sparkle your blog in blogosphere.

Use Images:

When you are submitting your guest posts to a blog, make sure that you have a conceptual and attractive image in the right place for your guest post. Because I’ve seen that most guest bloggers don’t attach an image in their guest posts, and I think it gives a reason for the blog administrator to reject guest posts. so make sure that you have attached one image at least to your post.

Note: Make sure the image that you attached with your guest post reflects the concept of your guest post, and is one that you have rights to use.

Promote Your Blog Prominently In Your Guest Posts:

Don’t look at guest blogging as a pure opportunity to add sparkle to your own blog or to get new readers and subscribers. Remember the reason that you’re using guest blogging is to spread quality information that helps you to build loyal fans to your blog, and not only for promoting yourself as an individual. If you only want to promote yourself then you’ll be able to find lots of other ways to do that in blogosphere.

So try to write quality & informative posts to the blog you’re writing for and you will win back some new quality readers, subscribers and fans for your blog. Don’t ride on putting too many links in your guest posts either, if you ride on this heavily, then it will only trample all your efforts, so make sure you promote your blog prominently in your guest posts.

Fill The Author Bio Block:

The last but not least thing that you should do is write an attractive author bio for your guest post. If the readers read your guest posts then they will defiantly head over to read your author bio, and I think if your author bio is not very attractive then readers will simply avoid clicking on the link back to your blog. So my suggestion for you here is that you write a very attractive author bio for yourself that describes you completely – such as what you do, your interests and how much you know about certain topics, and finally end your bio by writing a sweet and nice line that describes your blog with an anchor link.

Engage Yourself With Readers:

Don’t think that your work is done when your guest post finally gets published. No… your work doesn’t end here, you still have lots of things to do like replying to the comments that you get in your guest posts, because this will help you to increase the level of trust your readers have for you, and makes you popular amongst the readers, and also the blog administrator will lower down the burden and give you some preference when you submit your next post.

Promote Your Guest Post:

Take some time out to share & promote your published guest posts to get some additional exposure that will help you to get your future guests post published very easily.

So that’s all I have to say in this post that will help you to become better guest blogger. Now it’s your turn to spread this post and share your valuable opinion in the comment section below, thanks…

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  1. Another thing is to reply to comments, I find it hard for the readers to ask the author about the topic and didn’t receive any response at all. Make sure you check the comments on the blog the you guest post in, am I right Romy?

    • Hello sanjay,

      Yup! You are right engaging with your readers and commentators is one of most important things that helps your guest post train to arrive on right station at right time.

  2. Thank you for this great and helpful article Romy. I surely am going to follow your tips about guest blogging. Thanks again.

  3. great article whit lots of great advice for a newbie.

  4. I’m a very selective person: I’ve chosen your blog for posting my comment :-)
    By the way thanks for the tips Romy, I will follow your advices.

  5. Thank a lot for these tips. I personally believe that quality is the most important thing when guest posting. Most important of all it has to involve some information about a topic that catches the reader’s attention right away.

    • Hello Gerard,

      Yaa! In blogosphere quality is always greater then quantity. As i mentioned in my blog post quality is the thing that shines your blog in blogosphere. of your quality is higher then the more your blog get shiner.

  6. Thanks Romy, very good tips for newbies on guest posting, well executed.

  7. Hey Romy,

    Guest blogging is one of those things that I’m a little intimidated by. However, you gave some great tips here to encourage me to get started. I think the best advice you gave is to do some homework so you have a better chance of getting your guest posts approved. Thanks for sharing these tips, I plan on using all of them.

  8. Hi Romy,
    Very instructive post. Guest posts are very intimidating and scary. (fear of rejection in so many ways!!) This is an awesome guide to follow. And, I think too that following up with your comments is most important! Thanks for sharing, following this article should make it much easier.

  9. Great post! I just started letting people do guest post on my site. I have found it has been a benefit to us both!

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