5 Marketing Tactics to Attract Local Traffic to your Website

When it comes to building traffic to your website or blog, the majority of us think about the following tactics –

But what about attracting local traffic to your website? What I mean by this is marketing to increase the traffic from your demographic area to your website, simple. Here are 5 marketing tactics that you can effectively use to do just that –

Write an article in your local newspaper or magazine

If you’re in touch with your local community by reading the weekly paper, you might understand a thing or two about what goes on in your neck of the woods. Take this opportunity to enquire with your local paper’s editorial team to find out if you can post an article once a week or month even. This is a prime way of attracting lots of local traffic to your website.

Post newsletter themed flyers

Ok this might cost you a little bit financially and in valuable time too, but if you have some to spare, consider creating a newsletter themed flyer and doing a circular in your local neighborhood. I did this a while back over a weekend with my online directory website and received quite a bit of interest in doing so, it’s a great way to attract local traffic from businesses especially.

Sponsor or support a local event

Now how about this for an idea, how about sponsoring or supporting a local event or organization in your area? For example you could support your local youth soccer team, by providing refreshments at tournament games, in return you could ask that the organizers place and advertisement of some sort of your website. That’s just a crazy idea but it works; the best place to start looking would you believe is in your local newspaper or information center.

Organize an evening seminar

Well it doesn’t have to be of an evening, you could also do it on a weekend even. Organizing a seminar would help you reach out to your local community and make them aware of what it is that you do. For example I enjoy providing marketing ideas for small businesses both online and offline, so I could effectively organize a community gathering, and talk about marketing and promoting your business all night long. You too could something similar, just think about it at least.

Raise money for your local charity

My last tip for promoting local traffic to your website is to get involved with raising money for a local charity. There are a million ways in which you can do this so think and plan it carefully. By doing something to give back to your local community, you can get even more exposure to local press, local businesses, the general public and much more.

So just to recap what we’ve covered to attract local traffic to your website –

  • Write in your local newspaper or community magazine.
  • Publish and post a door-to-door newsletter themed flyer.
  • Sponsor or support a local event or organization.
  • Organize and hold a seminar.
  • Raise money for a local charity.

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  1. I have been trying to write articles for the local newspapers and a local language magazine, but without much luck! I guess its tougher than we think. About the flyer’s, we can just take some good quality print-outs and hand it over to the news paper agents. For a small fee, they will insert it into news papers and send it out to many houses. I guess it works better if the site we are promoting has a local focus and a local service business model up and running.
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  2. Another way you could advertise your business is with a vehicle wrap. They’re very cost effective and hundreds of people will see it on a daily basis as you’re driving to and from work and any other places that you drive to. You never know when someone will need your services so if they see what they want on the side of your car, you may have just bagged yourself a new customer!

  3. Local sounds smaller and easier but its indeed more challenging and tougher, maybe its because of the less number of people that we have to convince. Its interesting to see many bloggers turning to local traffic, there’s nothing exciting like interacting with the locals and developing the locality where you live.

  4. There are some nice tips there, going back to common sense roots rather than focusing on purely on seo as a tactic on its own! Human connection and building bridges with people rather then just building links creates a greater relationship between site owners and there is surely more you can do with that than with a simple 1 off backlink.
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