7 Simple Tips To Become A Rockstar Writer

We are all very well familiar with this Rant “Content Is king”…  And I fully backup the significance of this rant because in an online world content is everything. We can’t do anything without content, whether we’re creating a landing page, blog posts, eBooks, weekly newsletters and so on… Content is simply the lifeblood of what we do to promote our blogs and ourselves online…

So if our content is good enough to attract, hold and convert the visitors then the graph of our online business growth is going to be a good and healthy line. If not then below I’ve rounded up some content writing suggestions for you to consider, that will help you to become a rock star writer.

Rock Star Writer

Have a Clear Vision:

Before I pick up my pen and paper to write my posts, I usually sit on my chair and spend some time in thinking about what I’m going to write in the post. This helps me to have a clear vision of what I should include in my post or what not. Because it’s very important that we only include the elements that makes sense and not the things that are completely off-topic.

So it’s advisable that before you start writing, to just sit and think for a while to get a clear vision of what you’re going to write about in your post.

Be Crafty:

Once I’m done with thinking about what I’m going to write in my post, I then spend some more time on crafting the layout for my blog post, because it helps me to put everything in proper order like; which headings and paragraphs comes first and which one comes last.

It becomes lot easier to write your post when you have a well crafted structure for your post. All you have to do is just fill those structures with some headings and paragraphs.

Have a Killer Headline:

The headline is perhaps the most important piece of your blog post puzzle. If it doesn’t fits correctly in your blog post puzzle then no one is going to read your post.

If you don’t write some attractive headlines for your blog posts then you might as well consider yourself out of the content writing field, because you can’t grab readers without having good attractive and creative headlines.

Intro Paragraph:

The starting paragraph of your blog post must display the whole picture of your blog post. Because most of readers won’t be bothered to read the full article if they are not able to understand what it’s about from the starting lines of your blog post.

The Whole Content:

Write the rest of the paragraphs of your content by thinking about the main focal point of your content, and make sure you don’t ride too much on off-topics and stay relevant to your point. Don’t confuse your readers with one paragraph of how to cut a mango, whilst your content is about how to become better writer.

Read, Read, Read…

Once you’re done with writing your content, you need to think about reading what you’ve just written at least 2 or 3 times, why? Because if you want to make your content easy for your readers to read and understand, then reading your written content is a very important step that you shouldn’t put off. Also proof reading your content before publishing helps you to find any grammatical mistakes, spelling errors etc…  Reading your written content is what makes your writing best and stand out the most.

Showcase Your Piece:

Showcase your written content to your friends and family and ask them to read it and come up with some suggestions and see if they can spot any errors for you, this helps you to refine the quality of your post even further and help add those finishing touches.

That’s all I have to say on this topic for now. Now it’s your turn to spread this post and share your opinion about becoming a rock star writer, share your thoughts below.

  • Fabrizio Van Marciano

    Insightful post and some very good tips on becoming a better writing Romy, welcome to Magnet4Marketing :)

    • http://crunchyblogger.com Romy Singh

      Thanks Fabrizio Van Marciano.. For publishing It On Your Blog…..

  • Samantha Wright

    Hi Romy, nice tips hope to see more posts from you here, a warm welcome from me too x

    • http://crunchyblogger.com Romy Singh

      Hello Samantha,

      Yaa, it’s my pleasure that you like my words, samantha. and sure in future i’m going to make some more contribution In Magnet4Marketing.

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    Hi Romy this is a great post to a newbie. im loking forward to read more from you in the future

  • http://www.couponcodes4u.com Char@discount

    Great tips… also breaking down content (like you’ve done hear) makes it so much easier to read! A lot of people still don’t like reading on the internet but lists make it a lot easier.

  • http://www.misdiasfertiles.net Ana @ Dias Fertiles

    This is a nice post about all the essential things a blog should have. For me, the hardest part is to make a good title. I am not that good with catchy phrases and it takes me a while to write it.

    However, I also believe that having a strong title comes with a responsibility. You need to maintain the audience you attracted or you’ll end up losing your credibility.

  • http://www.profitblog.com Raj

    Writing great content is an art, which we develop with experience. Thanks for the insights given in this article, I am reminded of the importance of proof-reading my content more than once. I will definitely implement that part from my next post.

  • http://www.beachclublifestyle.com/ Beach club hallandale

    Everyone can scribble something but not all can succeed in keeping the readers engaged. I do not write but I believe that even those who have a flair in writing, writes carefully and proof reads before publishing. Taking a short break also helps a lot.

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    hey romy

    thanks for the great tips.

    im new in this bussines so i learn a lot from this article.

  • http://www.flatrocktech.com Milena K

    The thing about blogging is that not everyone is a very good writer. English knowledge is not enough, you have to be engaging and have a good style. Some posts are just plain boring. That is why actually a lot of companies use outsourcing for content and copywriting. They hire professionals for that and focus on their core competencies.