Acer Z5101 All-in-One Touch PC Review

This is one of very few tech reviews on Magnet4Marketing and it’s not something I often do, however I recently upgraded my work PC from an Acer AX1301 desktop which I’ve been using for the last 12 months to a sparkly new Z5101 All-in-One PCwhich I’d thought I’d lightly share with you.

I upgraded because I wanted a bigger screen and the Acer Z5101 certainly has that giving me 23” to play around with. I wasn’t really bothered with a touch PC but having a touch screen is an advantage, especially when the wireless mouse juice runs out as it uses a single AA battery.

The keyboard is great to use, being wireless I can recline back on my chair and blog away without having lots of clutter and wires surrounding my desk.

A huge noticeable difference is how quite the Acer Z5101 is, something that’s for me a huge plus point.

Build wise as with most Acer computers it’s mainly toughened plastic, although the quality isn’t bad, its not remotely comparable with the Packard Bell oneTwo or Apple’s iMac range.

Ok here’s the tech stuff –

Monitor – 23” MultiMedia Touch with full HD at 1080P
Memory – 3GB DDR
Processor – AMD Athlon II X2 (The AX1301 that I previous owned had a triple core processor which admittedly made it a tad bit faster than the Z5101)
Hard Drive – 500GB
Shared Graphics – nVidea 92001024 MB
Optical – DVD Super MultiDrive
WiFi – Yes

Asides the processor type and the fact it’s a multimedia touch PC that has a larger screen than my old trusty AX1301, there is very little difference in the way of performance. But if you’re looking for a reasonably powerful main desktop computer for your home office that’s not an iMac, then the Acer Z5101 is reasonably affordable and you get a reasonably good amount of technology for your money.

Acer Z5101


Large 23” Touch Screen monitor
Reasonably quiet
WiFi built-in
Wireless keyboard and mouse
Clean design
Large hard drive
3GB DDR makes it reasonably responsive


Plastic build
Dolby™ Virtual Surround Sound a bit of a let down
DVD tray (would have been better if it was a slot drive)
Only 5 USB ports where only 2 is easily accessible, the AX1301 had 9 USB ports all in easy access.

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  1. james says:

    Acer really produce very cool stuff when it comes to computers and laptops. It’s cool that the mouse and keyboard are wireless where in you can type or click even your not near to the PC. Great review and points of view. Thumbs up >

    • Hey James, thanks for stopping by. Yes I have to agree Acer certainly knows how to make premium quality electronic consumer goods better than average Joe, which is why I’ve always opted in to use Acer products for business. The biggest advantage is the wireless mouse and keyboard and a PC with WiFi capabilities which means even more less wires and cables hanging loose. It really is a stand alone PC, I love it.

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