7 Ways to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business Online

Social media is a force to be reckoned with and when it comes to using it to effectively market your business online, there are no exceptions. Take Twitter for example, whilst I once believed that Twitter had no value when it came to social media marketing, my opinion have certainly changed somewhat over the last 12 months or so.


What is Twitter?

Amazingly each time I write an article about Twitter I need to briefly describe what it is and what it does, whilst the majority of us already know, believe it or not there are plenty more others who don’t, so bear with me.

To cut a long story short, Twitter is simply a powerful microblogging platform or instant messaging social bookmarking site that allows you to post short messages, known as Tweets in 140 characters or less. Your Tweets are seen by potentially thousands upon thousands of targeted followers of your Twitter profile (People who are interested in what you’re messaging or tweeting about and therefore have become your followers).

Statistics reveal that Twitter has over 200 million registered users (note I didn’t mention active users, that’s another story entirely I’m sure)

Ok so how can you use Twitter to grow your online business, promote your products and services, create leads and increase sales? Here are some useful ideas to think about –

Post messages about your latest products and services

If you’re launching or adding a new product or service to your company profile, you can promote it by sharing it with your followers on Twitter. Simply add a short message with a link to your new product or service from your website.

Use Twitter to spread other news and announcements

Twitter is notoriously popular for spreading news and announcements fast; it is particularly useful for many businesses and organisation large and small, wanting to reach potential clients through the power of social media. In my opinion, Twitter is more effective for business for me, than Facebook or Google Plus even.

Engage with your followers and potential clients

Twitter makes social engagement fun and easy, one of the best features that it has is giving users the ability to engage online. Use this tool to interact with your followers on a day-to-day basis, find out what it is they’d like to see more from your business, products or services, ask questions and appropriately answer any questions that your followers may have. If you can be seen to actively engage with your potential clients online, it can do wonders for your business credibility and customer service reputation.

Request for feedback

Often I’ll use Twitter to get feedback on something new that I’m trying out perhaps, particularly with my online art business. You can pretty much do the same for your business too. Get an opinion from your followers, for example you could upload a photo sample of your latest product and get some feedback before launching or create a mini poll even, and post it on your Twitter wall and get some feedback that way.

Reward your followers with exclusive discounts off your products and services

One of the tricks’s that I’ve used many times before to keep followers interested and of course loyal, is to offer them an exclusive discount or a promotion of some form, one that is not available to anyone else other than my followers on Twitter. Try it for your business.

Cross update your status with your Facebook page

Use the Twitter for Facebook app to cross update your Tweets into your Facebook business page automatically, and get even more exposure to your business.

Tweet posts from your company blog

Finally if your company website has a blog (which it should), what better way to promote your content other than to share it on Twitter; Increase your readership and promote engagement, build more targeted followers and turn them into potential paying customers!

Well I hope these few ideas will help you do more with Twitter for your business online. If you of course have any further additions to make I’d love to hear them, please add them to the comments sections below.

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