Internet Marketing for Newbies – eBook Review

A few weeks or so ago we introduced a new essential guide for internet marketing start-ups, the Internet Marketing for Newbies by Barry Wells, a fellow British Blogger and successful internet marketer himself. You can find out more about Barry and what he does on his blog

The eBook

The Internet Marketing for Newbies guide is a must have for anyone looking for no-nonsense tips and top advice on internet marketing from a complete beginners perspective. The guide offers 30-pages of priceless content covering all the basic and essential elements of internet marketing. If you really are starting from rock bottom this is by far a great guide to start with and one that covers a lot of topics in depth, including the following –

Know your buying cycles…
Online appearance
Basics of link building
Landing pages
Online customer service
Affiliate programs
Google Analytics
Getting traffic from Twitter
Viral marketing
Email marketing
Using images and videos
Using Facebook marketing
Basics of search engine optimization
Writing for the web
Creating and using coupon codes
…and much more to mention here…

As well as being a newbies guide, Internet Marketing for Newbies is also great refreshing reference to have in your library.

Get your hands on a copy of Internet Marketing for Newbies

If you want a copy of Barry’s guide to take away for reference or to kick start your learning of internet marketing, all you need to do is fill in the box below with your email address and hit the download button.

As an added bonus to Barry’s eBook you’ll also get my very own 101 Blog Traffic Tips guide, a 30-page guide with over 120 blog traffic tips, ideas and suggestions that I’ve used to help me rack up over 500 unique hits a day on my own blog. Enjoy :)

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  1. Does it bring anything new? Or just the classic information that can be found on all the forums?

    • If you’re familiar with most of the elements in this guide, which I’m guessing you are then no, whilst you’d probably find some of the information in all the forums as you say, I personally wouldn’t bother with forums as instead of getting one piece of advice or method, you get a gazillion methods which to me is confusing enough. Unless of course you’re a complete newbie and want to understand internet marketing from scratch in the simplest way possible… as the title will suggest internet marketing for newbies… There are of course some great tips to take away from the guide as well as reference.

  2. Samantha Wright says:

    This is a great all round guide, read it and has some very valuable information for newbies in particular. I particularly enjoyed the chapter about online appearance.

  3. Since after Google panda most of the old SEO techniques are just nonsense tips and no more. This book seems like a good resource as per your review. I’ll surely be taking some time out of my routine to read it. Thanks

  4. Two chapters dedicated to social networks (Facebook & Twitter). What about Google+? Still, looks like the authors realize the importance of social networks for interenet marketing.

  5. Hi Fabrizio Van Marciano,
    Yes i also want to know about Google + how many chapters you have included in this book for this wonderful Google’s new social networking site. But overall it is looking good for newbie marketer, I really like you efforts. Thank you for sharing wonderful resource with us.


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