10 Effective Ways to Promote your eBay Store

Setting up your own online store can be one of the hardest challenges in building an online business. You’ve first got to build your site, integrate a shopping cart, add products, then market and promote it to the right audience, do SEO, the list is endless and this can take many months and even years.

When I first started my online art business in 2004, the first platform I used before even thinking about my own website was eBay. By setting up an online store with eBay, I was able to promote my artwork and my website through my ‘about me page’ and of course sell my art to a huge targeted audience. The platform and the bulk of the traffic were already there for me to use, so all I had to do was promote and sell.

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On the topic of eBay and promoting, here are 10 effective ways in which you can promote your eBay store and generate more sales. Before the age of social media, article marketing and email were amongst the most effective of methods.

Make use of Business Cards

Business cards are essential for marketing and promoting your eBay store. They’re affordable and can be used to send with invoices and goods on despatch, they cab be left in appropriate places for extra publicity and advertising and much more.

The great thing about using business cards is that they certainly get around more effectively. One of the things I used to do is pop two or even three business cards for each item despatched to a customer. They then had more chance of being seen, carried around in wallets and handbags, left at friend’s and relative’s homes etc, so ensure you get some created with your eBay store credentials printed on them.

Social Media Tools

Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus are great social networking sites to use to further promote items that you are selling on eBay. When I first began with eBay in 2003, 2004 social networking was small talk. Now you can create a Facebook page and post links to your auction listings, create a Twitter account, build followers and Tweet your auctions to potentially thousands of targeted followers.

Printed T-Shirts

This might sound a little cheesy but if you’re serious about making money on eBay then you won’t give a sh1t. Get some snazzy t-shirts printed with your own slogan. Mine used to be ‘Affordable Art on eBay’.

List Building

Allow users to signup to your shop newsletter and build a list. One of the things I used to do also is build my own list of email contacts extracting email addresses from PayPal invoices.

Email Signatures

Don’t forget to add your eBay store address in your email signature, along with your own marketing slogan.

Get a Blog

Get a free blog with Blogger or WordPress.com and write a post related to your products on eBay at least once a week, don’t forget to use images and add a link to your eBay store too.

Write an Article

Make an effort to write an article about your products at least once a week and submit it to blogging sites such as HubPages or InfoBarrel, why not even create a lens in Squidoo about your eBay store.

Don’t forget your ‘About Me’ page

Perhaps one of the most useful marketing tools available to you on eBay is your ‘about me’ page. Use this page to write an effective piece of content marketing about your business, the products you sell, your passion to provide great customer service and not to forget to add a link to your own website.

Participate in Forums

I use to find online forums a great place to both share insights, and learn from others in your industry. Forums are also particularly useful for promoting your website or eBay store in this case, by simply adding a link in your profile signature.


If you have an advertising budget, then consider using something like Facebook ads, Infolinks or Google Adwords to cost effectively advertise your eBay store online.

Well folks I certainly hope these are enough to get your juices flowing into marketing and promoting your eBay store both online and offline and generating more sales, if you have any other tips, ideas and suggestions you wish to add please feel free to add them in the comments section below.

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  1. Social media is no doubt an effective way of spreading the word out and promoting your ebay store.

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