4 Ways to use Google Plus as a Blogging Platform

Whilst on Twitter over the weekend, one of the questions I was asked was ‘could you use Google Plus as a blogging platform?’ I guess you could do, would be my short answer, much in the same way as you could use Facebook or Twitter as a blogging platform. Let’s take a look how!


The stream in G+ is really an effective way to share stuff on the social web. You could simply use your stream to publish your posts in the same way as you would publish a post on a conventional WordPress blog. You are able to share photos, videos, add links which are essentially all the important elements of creating a blog post, making using Google Plus as a blogging platform an easy choice.


People are able to leave you comments on your Google Plus posts again just as they would on a conventional blog. You wouldn’t have to worry about spam comments being left of any form, as you’d simply have the power to remove offending individuals from your circles, should it be the case of them spamming your posts.


Although sharing is somewhat limited to using the +1 button, and I’m sure that there are add-ons that you could use to enable you to extend your social sharing capabilities, but essentially you can share your posts with a targeted audience more effectively on Google Plus. You can do this by creating a circle with potentially thousands of targeted connections in which to share your posts and articles with.


Since Google Plus and everything you share on G+ appears in search results, you wouldn’t have to worry much about doing SEO. You can of course choose to turn off this feature in your privacy settings. Having your profile visible in search can also generate targeted traffic to your profile.

Essentially the majority of us who use social networking sites to market and promote our business or blog are already using the likes of Google Plus as a blogging platform in any case. But if you really wanted to just use Google Plus as your main platform for blogging then there really is nothing stopping you, in fact out of the three; Twitter, Facebook or G+ I’d quite happily use Google Plus as a blogging platform.

What about you, let us know your thoughts on this subject, perhaps you already use Google Plus as a blogging platform, and nothing else.


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