Magnet4Marketing Blog Traffic & Income Report: September 2011

Wow! Another month has come to past, and I give to you yet another blog traffic and income report. Just another reminder as to why we share our blog income and traffic stats with out readers, and that’s to help inspire many of you starting up and coming pursuing your own blogging ambitions.

We also share with you how we’ve built the traffic over the period of each month, so which you can see and implement into your own blog traffic building methods.

The Magnet4Marketing blog celebrated its first birthday on the .net domain a few days ago, although we launched the blog originally in July of last year on a .com domain. I had the pleasure of renewing my domain name and hosting with BlueHost, because they’ve been absolutely awesome for me over the last 12 months, so I’d highly recommend them.

OK let’s crack on with the report.


This month we saw yet another awesome increase in traffic, gaining almost 2,000 new visitors and over 2,000 page views – visitors increased by 14.68% whilst page views increased by 11.81% from last month’s figures.


We’re also pleased to report that the site’s bounce rate has been reduced from last month’s 78.14% to 77.35% just as we aimed to. We still aim to reduce the bounce rate further throughout October to perhaps 75%.

This month we aim to increase the blog’s traffic to 15,000 visitors generating around 21,000 page views. Again we’re working towards increasing referral traffic through guest posting and blog commenting. Search engine traffic is more or less looking after itself for the time being, though SEO is also our top priority.


Income Report

Well we haven’t really made the greatest of efforts as far as internet marketing and making money online is concerned, so we’ve not got much of an improvement on last month’s income report to report to you, nevertheless here it is.

Contextual Advertising

Google Adsense $51.70

Infolinks $3.82

Paid Links $10.00

Affiliate Marketing

ShareASale $64.69 (Reviewed WordPress themes…)

ClickBank $161.37 (Reviewed several ClickBank products)

Templatic Themes $19.50

E-Junkie $8.00

BlueHost $65.00

DreamHost $22.00

Total Income $406.38

A huge decrease in Google AdSense earnings compared to last month’s $95, we only started to implement Infolinks back into the blog a few days ago on the 27th September for a month’s trial to see if it’s worth the while to use again. If you remember we stopped using Infolinks due to low traffic back in April of this year.

So we never really hit our target of $600 we set ourselves, but there is always room for improvements and once again we’re aiming for the $600 mark for October, and this moth we will be pushing our affiliate marketing efforts forward, so until next month, happy blogging and keep working hard towards building more traffic and making money from your blog. God bless ;)

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  1. good work dude .. how is your ctr now ???

    • Fabrizio@Blog Marketing Tips says:

      Still needs improving upon, but I’m positive that Google Adsense earnings will increase in the coming months.

  2. You guys are on your way! Crazy that google adsense is such a low percentage of your income. The reason why I am saying that is because I always thought google was the money maker and now I am seeing that you are making money from bluehost and all that.

    Makes me want to try!

    • Fabrizio@Blog Marketing Tips says:

      Yes last month’s Google Adsense earnings was more appealing than this month. I think the reason being that I’ve not been following my own advice and placing ads above the fold, it’s something I hate doing as I don’t want the blog to look like an ‘ad junkie’ blog above the fold, but this month I’m going to try and have the ad blocks above th fold more.

  3. Hello Fabrizio , nice work again ! Anyway , i wanna ask you a question . Does bluehost affiliate program allow to create promo codes ?

  4. Well not bad ,you will hit your target ..good luck!!

    • Thanks Amit, I know that there are plenty of other bloggers making twice the amount I am with the same amount of traffic but it’s a step in the right direction for me as I am continuously learning. Let’s hope for everyone to have a great October :)

      • But its still good tho’.. mine isn’t such a ‘yielding’ niche and I make only half as much as you do from adsense…with similar traffic figures as yours.. lets keep working upwards!!

        • Ramya, keep creating fresh content I find this helps a lot. You AdSense ad placements seems ok too though you should try and add a link unit 468 x 15 or longer just before the content of your posts. Best of luck.

  5. Fabrizio,

    You’ve got a great site here. I”m wondering if you would be interested in joining a comment tribe I’m forming?

    I’m focusing on companies in the Internet marketing space that also use CommentLuv.

    I don’t know much about running one but I’d like to give it a try!


  6. Thanks for the update. I really hope you hit your $600 by October.
    Please keep letting us know how things are going. I’ve learnt more than a few things from what your have written, so please keep up the great work.

  7. You are doing a great job with affiliate marketing. With only 12k visitors per month, you’ve been able to make decent earnings.

    • Thanks Harshit, yes I do enjoy doing affiliate marketing and I will continue to work to maintain and grow the income as the traffic grows. Next month I will also share the things that I have done to achieve my targets.

  8. Great! I look forward to the times when i will be able to post income reports. So far I haven’t even monetized my blog. but posts like this motivate me to keep-up the work, Tomek

  9. Wow! 15,000 visitors per months is really huge…..It’s cool that you have such a diversified pool of income sources!


    • Michael, thanks for visiting the blog and welcome. As of the 17th October I’ve actually gone passed my set target for 15,000 visits. A full report will be published as always on the 1st November. Keep checking back :)

    I want to comment on the Adsense income of your blog, it is very low almost 51.70 $ as compare to your traffic 11,581, I want to know the reason why it is so less, Adsese Ads are exiting on your site three time on one page so why it is so?


    • Hello Alexandrabrian, thanks for visiting the blog today. First of all yes I do agree that AdSense earnings are quite low for us. We’re working on ways to increase earnings by using more prominent ad placements over the next few months, so only time will tell if the earnings will increase. I also think because we’re using other ad types ads such as InfoLinks, this may also be affecting earnings.

  11. I found that clickbank fetch the most revenue for you. I heard many said CB products don’t sell, that the reason I only use adsense on some of my blogs. Maybe is time I revisit CB now :) Thks for the stats.

    • Hi Kiki thanks for visiting. I only promote about 6 CB products that I have found to be of any value, and if you can give a honest account or review of a product then you can make money from them. Good luck, let me know how you get on :)

  12. adsense decrease because of google panda 2.5? my website got decrease too.

    • Hey Natharn thanks for visiting and sharing your experiences, I hope to increase adsense earnings as we continue to publish unique content on the blog, but I have multiple earning streams to make up for low adsense earnings.

  13. Congrats on almost making your goal! You’ll get up there, I know you will. I hope I get income like that.


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