How to Deal With Other People’s Negativity

Today’s subject serves as a great topic, especially after the morning I’ve just had.

To cut a long story short and to put it bluntly – I was hurled tons of negative abuse this morning whilst trying to do my bit to help others, which also made me realise that there is absolutely no appreciating some people.

To some degree this negativity has ended up denting my motivation and certainly my inspiration to write a post today, so I thought what better subject to use other than ‘how to deal with negativity’.


The whole world is filled with negativity and much of it is fueled by us, human beings. So when you’re doing the best you can to help others and they give you abuse and bring you down intentionally in return, here’s what you have to remember the cause of it might be –

  • What ever the situation may be, you always have a choice.
  • No one is above you other than yourself, not even your boss, remember that…
  • Negative people live in fear
  • Putting someone else down is a sign of insecurity
  • They don’t know any better (which was the case for my adversary today)
  • They’re envious of you
  • They don’t want you to succeed (envy)
  • They’re afraid you might become better than them (envy)
  • They see you as competition (envy)
  • They don’t want you to think that the grass is greener on the other side (envy)
  • They know that you’re not afraid of them
  • No matter what you do, it won’t ever be right
  • You’re an easy target, stand up for yourself
  • They do it because it makes them feel better

So the above is just some examples of why people throw negativity about, whether it’s at home or in business.

How to deal with it is entirely up to you, you can choose to rise above it or go home and dwell on it every night until something inside of you snaps, or let it get to you completely and retaliate on every occasion that someone brings you down.

My best advice for you is to rise completely above it and think about the day you really don’t need to take no more of it.

This is particularly important if you’re building a business, or wanting to work from home and someone around you in a line of work decides to bring you down and dish out all their negativity upon you.

How do you deal with negativity in business or in general? I know this is a bit of a random topic but do share your thoughts with us.

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  1. The other guy (who brings in the negativity) is also a normal human being. I agree that some people are beyond reasoning and they intentionally want to bring you down. With these people, its better to rise one step above them and be firm with them. But a lot of other people are just venting their frustration (maybe due to some other person or situation totally unrelated to you). With these people, we need to be slightly patient and empathize with them. There are good chances that they will become our buddies!

  2. such a great post ..thnx it’s really helped me out

  3. You are right to say that how we are going to respond to any negativity that surrounds is completely up to us. Although it is not always easy I guess the best way to deal with it in the IM field is to ignore this negativity by continuing working to reach your set goals and targets.

    Steve Sant recently posted…Artcile Marketing A Valuable Source For Free TrafficMy Profile

  4. Best thing you can do is avoid such people, interact with people who are more energetic and always try to motivate you.
    Aaron recently posted…Goa Carnival 2012My Profile

  5. I am into your statement here:
    “No one is above you but yourself”
    This is my driving factor to take it to myself the things I thought to be good for me to get things done, “according to my plans”.
    It is sad to know that people are criticizing you. But I make it to the point that I learn most of the feedbacks I got. I then turn them on against those who hurled negative comments of me as a person.
    Fight back what is Good for you.
    Happy Blogging!
    Genie :)
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  6. Thanks for writing this. I just had to deal with a lot of negativity today too just because I wrote about a bad outfit that a famous celebrity wore. Didn’t attack the celeb, just her outfit, but boy, did I get stoned! That celeb has crazier fans than I though.

  7. The points you’ve pointed out are right on, completely true. Other peoples negativity should not bother us but if it does, we should be able to cope with such situations. We should not let negativity culminate in our lives.

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