Tips for Newbies: How to Create a Killer Blog Post from Scratch

Most of the people that I talk to about blogging reckon that it’s pretty easy to create a blog post, simply slap up some content together and hit the publish button. Most of these people are complete newbie’s of course who are still playing around with Blogger in their spare time as well. Creating a post is easy compared to rocket science… yep I get that, but it is far more complex in my mind than to just simply slap some content together and hit the publish button.

Each time I create a new blog post, I look at it as a creating a brand spanking new piece of product that I want to place on the shelf in hope that it will sell really well. To make your posts sell really well you’ll want to make sure that it appeals to your readers, both in context and in visual aspects.

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So how can you do this effectively? Here’s how to create a killer blog post from scratch the right way; from writing your post to adding useful media to using SEO to monetizing.

Those of you already familiar with these basic steps of blogging need not read any further along, this is mainly for those relatively new to blogging altogether.

Step One – Write a compelling piece of unique, thought provoking or and resourceful content of more than 300 to 400 words. Make good use of short and long-tail keywords.

Step Two – Check spelling and grammar, very important.

Step Three – Use at least one heading tag in the content body with keywords.

Step Four – Create a mind blowing, attention grabbing post title and subtitle, if possible with keywords.

Step Five – Add some bling to your post with at least one photo or other forms of media, ensure you tag images with keywords related to the content of your post.

Step Six – Use blockquote’s in your post.

Step Seven – If you want to effectively monetize your blog post using Google Adsense, ensure you place an ad block above the fold in the content of your post and one at the end of your post.

Step Eight – Ensure your blog post is fully optimized for the search engines. I’d really recommend using the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin; I do believe it is by far the most advanced SEO plugin available for WordPress with complete page analysis and page settings.

The page analysis itself is priceless as it will give you information about how many and which keywords, key phrases are recommended for your post, it will also give you your posts flesch reading score (The readability of your post) and much more…

Step Nine – Use one or two appropriate categories and at least two to three tags for your post i.e. category: Supercars, tags: Lamborghini.

Step Ten – Check everything, and then check it again…

Step Eleven – Hit the publish button.

Follow these eleven simple steps each time you create a new blog post and you’ll be on the course to building the best blog that you possibly can :) . Any additional tips and ideas, questions or suggestions that will help any newbie to blogging can be added below in the comments section.

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  1. I’d like to add a Step #0 or a Pre-Step – Do your research on what you’re about to write.
    Some of the posts can sound totally ignorant and you can tell that people don’t actually know what they are writing about.

    Don’t let all your hard work on your blog go to waste simply because you got a bit lazy to read through stuff about your topic.

    • Great comment Ana thanks for your input :)

      • Fully agree with this point by Ana.

        Not only this, but I think if you build a plan.

        I no longer write (I have a team of 6 people) but I always give them a topic and get them to come back to me with an article title and also all the sub-headlines.

        If you build it this way .. it’s like building a building. You build the framework and then fill it in. Artists do this as well. It’s the best way to come up with fantastic blog posts and quality writing.

        • “but I think if you build a plan.”

          Sorry about this, I cut off the sentence.

          “I think if you build a plan, you will have greater success and enjoy the process more).

          • Exactly! I find it easier to do it like that as well.

            It’s easier to go from one sub-headline to another, than to just write everything from the scratch.

            Perhaps, it’s the “fear from the blank page” talking, but I like to plan it all the way to the micro levels and then build it up.

  2. Great step-by-step tutorial, short and to the point! I so agree about Adsense. I like the Advertisement management plugin for wordpress.
    Rebecca Lewis recently posted…Selling raffle tickets online in CaliforniaMy Profile

    • Hi Rebecca, thanks for dropping by, I’ve never used an advertisement management plugin before properly, I’ve played with a few GA management plugins and have not got on too well with them, thanks for sharing nevertheless.

  3. Nice job.. You have explain all step by step procedure this is a great job. And this will much more helpful for a beginner. Please keep continue posting.

  4. Nice steps! It’s very easy to understand. Many starter bloggers out there will be happy to see this. Step 1 and step 4 are my most 2 important in making a blog.

  5. Really nice job by you, which is very helpful for newbies as you have covered all the points in your post… I do agree with Ana.
    Rajesh recently posted…Have the benefits of the outsourcing payroll servicesMy Profile

  6. Hi Frabrizio,
    Great guide to writing a blog. As a newbie, this will come in very handy. Now if I can just come up with that ‘compelling, unique, thought provoking, resourceful content!! Oh, that would be the blog part. Seriously, thank you so much for sharing such a detailed list of steps. I really appreciate it.

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