3 Practical Ways To Help You Overcome Your Video Blogging Fears

Video Blogging – I was inspired to write this post after reading a very informative write-up on Blogging Video to Connect with Your Audience by Matthew Holden, if you have a spare couple of minutes head over there to check it out.

Video blogging or video marketing is still something of a rarity compared to conventional marketing practices as far as blogging is concerned, even though more and more bloggers are starting to implement video blogging into their marketing practices.

However, one of the biggest reasons why so many more other blogger’s don’t get in front of the lens to create a video blog is down to fear! Fear of how they may appear on video to fear of how they come across, such as being conscious of their body language, conscious of the tone in their voice to simply hating seeing themselves on screen altogether.

This is something that I too had to overcome.

So how do you overcome your video blogging fears? Here are a few positive tips that I used and you can too to get you started.

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Practice Makes Perfect

One of the coolest things that I’ve found to be really beneficial is to practice recording yourself doing various things; whether it’s recording yourself cooking dinner or washing the car or whatever else! Practice will help you develop more self-confidence and help you appear more relaxed in front of the lens.

Get Help with Creating Your Videos

If you’re able to get someone to record your takes whilst you compose yourself in front of the lens, then this can also help with boosting your self-confidence even more. Ask them to sit just behind the camera as having eye contact will help you become less aware or conscience of your actions, body language etc in front of the lens.

Ask Your Family & Friends for Their Input

After you’ve recorded your piece of video and have edited it the best you can, just before uploading it to YouTube or your blog, get some of your family members and friends to view it first. Ask them to give you an honest opinion of how you come across in your videos.

In fact YouTube allows you to upload videos and make them private so whom you can share with a limited number of viewers, you can use this feature to share your videos with family and friends before officially making them live for everyone to see. Check out this video showing you how to do just that.

Video blogging is fun but it can also be quite frustrating and time consuming at times, just don’t rush anything, relax and enjoy having fun creating your video blogs.

Let me know your thoughts on the video blogging tips above, and if you have any of your own then feel free to contribute. Leave your comments below.

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  1. Would like to add that when uploading video use Youtube or Vimeo so that the bandwidth will be lesser on your end, makes your site faster. Great tips!
    sanjay recently posted…How to display list of authors in WordPress without a PluginMy Profile

  2. Hey, couldn’t agree more. LOL. After a few weeks you get over the self-consciousness. Even David Wood said he was freaked out about personal video at first, now he’s practically a movie star.

  3. I can appreciate you trying to inspire people to try their hand at video blogging. In your post you mention that people sometimes refrain from doing it because of fear. Sometimes that fear is rightfully justified though.

    Earlier today as a matter of fact, I visited a blog that I had recently discovered (about 2 weeks ago). It is another one of the million blogs out there about marketing and making money online. When I first discovered the blog, it seemed like the guy really knew what he was doing and knew what he was talking about. He seemed like he had a lot of experience.

    Then I saw a video blog he had done. I was like whoah! That dude should not be doing video. He was almost nonsensical in his video. He jumped over topics all over the place. He recorded the video in his living room in a pretty lousy setting. He did not speak clearly. He himmed, hawed and hummed a lot.

    That video completely changed my opinion of the guy. I am now convinced he is a noob and doesn’t really have the experience that he portrays in his writing. Maybe I am being unfair in my judgement of him. Maybe he is just new to video and really does have substantial experience in other areas. I must admit though, that I am unable to separate the two when forming my opinion of him.

    I think the guy was nuts for recording the videos that he did. Unless he re-records them once he gets better, I think he is actually hurting his reputation. So, maybe not everyone is cut out for video even if it has great potential. Have you ever seen anything like that?
    Ted recently posted…What To Do When Your Link Building Has Not Been Going So WellMy Profile

    • Ted, thanks for visiting and indeed leaving your insightful comment :) Fear is an inevitable factor that most of us have, but it’s something that most of us can also work to get over, especially in video marketing. I believe that anyone can be successful at video blogging but it does take time and refinement. I spent many years creating ‘how to paint’ video tutorials and the best piece of final advice I could give anyone is to be yourself.

      However… the guy you mentioned in your comment to me sounds like he should be taking his own advice at that, I’ve seen plenty of video’s on blog that are horrendous and like you sometimes feel that they shouldn’t have gone ahead and become involved.

      Yes I do completely agree if you’re running a pretty successful blog and appear confident in what you write, and then suddenly come out with a video that represents a stiff breeze, umming and arring away in your speech, then that is for sure going to wreck any reputation you might have.

      I won’t lie I’m not entirely confident when creating videos to promote my products and services online, but I also don’t just push out any old crap for the sake of it.

      It is frustrating creating takes after takes but in all seriousness I’d advise people to watch the videos themselves and follow the tips as mentioned in the article to help them fine tune their video marketing, blogging exploits.

      Let’s hope that the guy you mention quickly comes to realise this. Often than not the feedback and comments alone should give him an indication of how good or bad his videos are.

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