9 Chrome Extensions for Google Plus

Watch movement macro (Extension tube test)Already rocking on Google+? Loving it as much as we are? Of course you are, well we’d hope so anyway; Google Plus is a great social media tool for businesses. Today we’re sharing with you 9 cool chrome extensions that will entice your user experience in Google+ to use with Google Chrome browser, which of course we’ve found to be very useful too. Enjoy!

Google+ Notification Checker

This Chrome extension neatly displays the number of unread notification you have in Google+. At the time of publishing this extension currently has 3,146 users and is rated 4/5.

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Extended Share for Google+

Google+ does not currently have a quick way to share posts on other social network sites, so this neat extension will add a ‘share on…’ link to each post you submit. At the time of publishing this chrome extension has 73,357 users and is rated 4/5.

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Not too sure why you would want to use this extension but nevertheless, here it is… This is a simple extension that will change some of the elements in Google+ making it look more like your profile in Facebook… with only 582 users and rated 3/5.

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Minus One

Minus One is a nifty anti +1 extension that allows users to -1 post’s on Google+. It is also available on Firefox here. Minus One currently has 12,238 users and rated 4/5 at time of publishing.

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Share+ Social Buttons for Google Plus

Share posts with other well-known social platforms using this extension. Currently has 2,338 users and rated 3.5/5.

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Search Extension for Google Plus

A simple extension for Chrome that allows you to add a Google+ (Google Plus) search box into your profile, to help find contents and profiles, this extension currently has 3,293 users and is rated 4.5/5 at time of publishing this post.

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RSS Share for Google Plus and Google Reader

This very useful extension does two functions; it adds a Google Reader section to the Google Plus homepage and adds a “Share on Google+” button on Google Reader. The RSS Share Chrome extension for G+ has 3,311 users and is rated 4.5/5.

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Tweetify for Google Plus

This Chrome extension compresses the posts in your stream to 140 visible characters. Don’t worry the pages of individual posts or profiles are not affected at all… The extension currently has 319 users and is rated 5/5.

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Sticky+ Blackbar

This is a simple extension that makes the black bar in Google Plus sticky. This means whenever you scroll up or down, the black bar and your notifications go with you as you scroll… This Chrome extension currently has 277 users and is rated 4.5/5

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  1. Priya says:

    Great!! I have to admit that you did a great research and come up with great list of Chrome extensions.

  2. Samantha says:

    Great list though I’m not a big fan of Google chrome ;)

  3. Scott Dunroe says:

    Nice finds, the Blackbar is especially useful.

  4. SMS Reseller says:

    Plugin flexibility is one of the best things that makes Chrome so great.

  5. These are all very useful extensions for Google plus users and I am very sure many will benefit from this in one way or another. It seems Google plus is really doing a lot to make its users happier and to increase the user number of course :) .

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