The Importance of Branding

We can all name those famous brands we see everywhere like Apple, Nike, Sony but why and how?  Branding; simple as or not, as the case might be.  When you think of one of the famous brands in your mind, instantly you think of the logo, why is this?  Ah yes of course it is branding….

The foundation of your brand is your logo; your website, packaging and promotional materials all of which should integrate your logo, and communicate with your brand.

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So why is branding important? Well you have answered this yourself when reading the above paragraphs, it is there to create your unique image, create a need and a desire for your products or services.  Branding is a way to bring together your mission, your selling points, your quality image and trust and familiarity.

I would suggest the most powerful part of branding is the logo, get this right and your brand image will follow, ensure your website, stationary, signage, promotional literature and offices are all following the continuity of your image and branding colours.

These help your customer base associate, and understand that it is all the same company and also repetitiveness will help them remember, so your business or service will stand out in their mind in the future.

Following your logo you need to write your brand message/tag line, these needs to be sharp and concise message that helps your customer base establish an opinion about your company, and one that also helps them understand what your company is about.

You then need to ensure that you always use your branding image and message, and that all areas of the business follow this even down to telephone scripts, promotional literature, terms and conditions etc.

And finally stick with it, do not swap and change your brand image every six months, or you will not see the benefit branding has to offer, be true to it and only when it is really outdated should you completely change (never adapt your logo).

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About Samantha Wright

Samantha Wright is the second editor and co-founder of She was awarded MasterCard Business Woman of the Year in 2007 and now loves to share her knowledge and insights in small business marketing. In her spare time Samantha is also a keen surf photographer, and loves to cook. Samantha currently works for Mole Valley Forage Services as a customer service unit manager. You can follow Samantha on Facebook.

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  1. Priya says:

    Branding is really essential for the growth of the company, that’s why today every business choose their logo first and start their business process. Their main focus is to make their logo a well known brand so that they can easily persue people to use their product or services.
    Priya recently posted..Goa Holiday PackagesMy Profile

  2. Great post Sammy, yes I agree that branding is one of the most powerful methods of attraction marketing possible especially with a unique company logo. When we all see the Apple logo on a new product we start to drool, well I do anyhow :)

  3. Thanks for the post Sammy, agreed that the logo is one of, if not, the most important aspects of a companies’ brand strategy. However, a logo will only be successful if it truly matches the image, personality and values of the company it represents!

  4. Brian says:

    Branding is so important for your business. A real good logo can go a long way.
    Brian recently posted..4 Steps For Having A Successful Small Business WebsiteMy Profile

  5. It may sound easy but making a great brand is real art. You can find a person who will make a killer logo, but you also need to make people have positive associations when they think about your business. That is the hard part.

    After that, the easier part is to “disperse” your logo everywhere so that they are constantly reminded about you.
    Ana @ Como Hacer Ensayos recently posted..Cómo Hacer Un Ensayo – Cómo Se Hace Un EnsayoMy Profile

  6. Branding is very important in business. The examples you have given are brands which have kept their names from long ago. This has helped their customers in identifying them all over the world. Once you set up a brand it is good to popularize it so that people become familiar with it.

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