3 Tactics That Increased The Blog Traffic Growth By Nearly 2,000 Visitors In One Month

This post on traffic growth was written by Fabrizio Van Marciano and Samantha Wright.

In the month of June, if you remember from our traffic and income report we reported 8,845 visits, whilst in the month of July we reported 10,662 visits. I mistakenly changed our traffic strategy in August which saw us increase to 11,406 visits, still a good traffic growth rate nevertheless, but not as much as July’s.

So how did we increase the traffic growth to the blog by almost 2,000 new visitors?

Today Samantha and I would like to share with you the very traffic building strategy that we used to get a growth of 1,817 visits in a single month to the Magnet4Marketing blog, this strategy works and more ever, we believe that anyone can implement this method into their own marketing or traffic growth strategy.

Traffic Growth

Here’s what we did.

Traffic Growth Strategy #1 – Do more guest posting

Admittedly we’ve been neglecting guest writing for a few months and not doing as much as we could have which proved deadly, until the month of July where upon we posted a little over a dozen guest posts to some of our top favorite niche related blogs. Not only did this help to increase traffic growth to the blog immensely but we also saw the bounce rate reduced drastically as well.

Traffic Growth Strategy #2 – Focus on creating more niche content

One other essential areas we concentrated a lot more on throughout July was to create more niche related content, in which case for us it’s online marketing, small business marketing, and of course blogging tips.

So for you guys, it’s essential to remember the main reasons as to why readers come to your blog, they come to read quality and resourceful content that will help them solve problems, because they want to hear what you have to say or think about specific topics, subject matters, products and services etc. They don’t come to your blog to read about how you think your s&*t smells sweeter than most (pardon the expression)!

It’s ok to create off-topic posts now and again; it’s OK to rant occasionally about you, you, and you! It’s even ok to have the very occasional controversial post. But just ensure that at the same time you create top quality, real thought provoking niche related, problem solving content, and this will serve your blog traffic growth well as it did for us in June.

Traffic Growth Strategy #3 – Increase activity on online forums

There are two main forums that Samantha and I are currently active on, digital point forums and the Warrior forum both of which are great internet marketing forums by the way.

By actively increasing our activities on both these sites on a daily basis, engaging with other online marketers, bloggers etc we were able to start our own discussions, ask questions whilst also helping others out with their own dilemmas.

Forums are absolutely valuable to a blogger looking to build authority in their niche, and this has effectively also helped to increase the traffic growth to the blog.

The rest of the tactics that we used such as using social media, SEO etc we carried on as per usual, but the above three we certainly paid more attention to. Consider picking out three of your own strategies that produces the best traffic growth results for you, and increase your activity on those strategies.

Alternatively consider doing more guest-writing, creating better niche focused content and engaging deeper in online forums and you too can see huge growths in your blog’s traffic. Best of luck.

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  1. Fabrizio, these tips are excellent ways to boost traffic.

    PS Wanted to make sure you saw your blog on my new CommentLuv enabled blog list!
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  2. Hi Fabrizio,

    By spending your valuable time on niche forums you can create your authority and it certainly helps you to get good number of targeted traffic. I know results take some time to show up but once you start getting result you really feel proud.
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  3. Increasing traffic will help a lot in achieving our goal.

  4. Your tips are great.. Guest blogger can be a fun way of creating traffic..

  5. Guest posting as become a major traffic driver and method of obtaining more subscribers. Everyone is doing it!
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  6. Just what I needed. Some tips on getting traffic to my site. Great post. thanks
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  7. Marciano, i fully agreed with your point regarding attracting traffic by focusing on creating more niche content. i think people become regular visitor of your articles and it is the most important factor. many people revisit article submission directory just to see if their favorite writer has posted an article or not.
    Thanks for this informative article.

  8. Now i think i should write some guest post, As you and a lots of blogger used to suggest it a great source of visitors. Thanks dear for this wonderful post.

  9. Thanx for the article,
    Your article is very helpful and i really like your writing…
    I havnt considered guest posting, hope to start it soon.

    I have one doubt hope to get cleared from you… how to get traffic from stumbleupon…….

  10. Those tips are interesting.

    Number 2 was particularly useful to me.


  11. Thanks for sharing these tactics. I definitely agree with adding niche content. Also, sharing experiences with others will help a lot. Guest writing is something to be done, I have to look at this more closely.
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