Why Guest Blogging KO’s Article Marketing Dead

Ok, is article marketing really dead? Google seems to think so otherwise, and I’m hearing more and more talks about how article marketing is becoming less and less important. However many online marketers even today beg to differ on the subject. Truth be told, guest posting has much greater value than article marketing, it’s a generic known fact that in terms of getting instant targeted traffic and readership and search engine juice guest blogging wins hands down.

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If you’ve just started out in blogging or even marketing your site and you are trying to build traffic, get links and gain better search engine optimization, then guest blogging is what you really need to get involved in doing. I agree it’s something you can’t afford to leave til last.

I don’t believe that article marketing should be written off entirely just yet, it does have some value left, in fact I still get a lot of traffic to some of my sites from article sites that I’ve used in the past, and I think Fabrizio briefly touched on this subject in a recent post, SEO Tips for Effective Marketing.

The fact that article marketing has been slated so much over the years and more recently, is because of the sheer number of article spinning, syndication and other content generating software’s people were using, leading to trashy duplicate content being spread across the web, sometimes ranking much higher than your very own original content, giving you no value or justice whatsoever, as we all know.

Article marketing KO’d in final round…

In the very beginning before blogging really took off and people weren’t using blogging software’s so much, article marketing was the much talked about subject.  If you wanted to get traffic to your site and get backlinks and all that, article marketing was what you did to get that. But of course now and over the course of time, and with Google making so many needy changes with the way its algorithms rank content on the web, many online marketers believe that article marketing is already dead.

So why is guest blogging so important to your online marketing efforts?

I’ve posted on several top blogs myself, with much better traffic and a bigger, wider audience than my own blog has, which is why guest blogging is so essential to me and you.

Advantages of Guest Blogging

  • Instant targeted traffic
  • Increased readership
  • Search engine juice
  • Backlink quality
  • Engaging (blog and social network sites)
  • Gain authority in your niche

People surfing the web, webmasters and bloggers in particular don’t waste their time reading article sites as much as they use to, they much prefer to read fresh, more topic focused content from a blog, content that is going to be of benefit them greatly and in which they can act and engage upon, which is how and why guest blogging can provide immediate traffic to your website.

The quality of the readership gained is also a huge bonus factor, one that you won’t ever get from by submitting or reading articles from article sites.

What are your thoughts exactly? please do share with us. Do you still take part in article marketing, or is it all about guest posting for you, let us know what’s on your mind.

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  • http://WWW.thecowboymillionaires.com cowboy millionaire

    I tend to agree, that guest blogging does give you more juice in back links as well as a wider readership. The problem with article spinners is that most people who use them aren’t careful about picking the replacement words, and they don’t think about whether the sentence still makes sense, so you end up with a bunch of spun forms of your article that is pure junk and no one wants to read them.

    • http://ukbusinesslink.co.uk Samantha

      I know what you mean. I’ve never used an article that has been re-spun personally, and I couldn’t imagine finding use for something that I’ve not written completely myself. These days thankfully most of us can tell the difference between crap and good unique content.

  • http://www.davidwalker.tv David Walker

    Hi Samantha,

    I believe that guest posting is far more effective than article marketing. The problem seems to be there are lots more blogs sprining up with the sole intention of publishing guest posts… so you get lots of generic, unhelpful posts being published in the blogosphere rather than being confined to the article directories where they belong.

    What is your opinion on this?


    • http://ukbusinesslink.co.uk Samantha

      Hello David, thank you for your comment, to some degree I agree with what you’re saying. I’ve talked to a few bloggers in the past about guest posting and I get the vibe that many of them post so call generic posts to simply get the SEO and traffic value from guest writing. You’re also right in saying that these kinds of posts should be left in article directories. I guess to many bloggers particularly newcomers, there are only so many times one can write about the same subject over and over again and post them on various blogs crazy enough to publish them, instead of creating something totally unique, something with a personal point of view, resourceful and well thought through.

  • http://adriennesmith.net Adrienne

    Hey Samantha,

    I stopped writing articles once Google made their change earlier this year just knowing that the article directories were going to be hit hard due to this. So I decided to just back off for awhile and take it up later. But later still hasn’t arrived for me.

    I do get a lot of traffic to my blog but I’ve only written two guest posts so far. I think I obsess over the content much more because I’m writing for someone else’s blog and not my own. My readers know and appreciate me but I’m not sure how everyone else will see my writing. So I haven’t quite jumped off in the deep end yet with that but I know it’s something I should really consider doing more of.

    Appreciate the post and I still don’t believe article marketing will ever die. It probably just won’t be as popular as it use to be.


    • http://ukbusinesslink.co.uk Samantha

      Hello Adrienne, thank you for visiting and commenting. I understand where you’re coming from as regards with creating content for other blogs. I am a little like that sometimes too and I often decide to write a post for guest posting then decide to use it for my own blog, so you’re not alone there. I am also a little sceptical at time as to how others are going to view how I write my posts or how I come across in them, it’s getting over that fear I guess for me personally :)

  • Sid

    I also believe that guest blogging get more reader than article writing. So therefore back links wise blogging also wins. And of the reason that made article writing less are the spun articles, especially if it’s being use by a software to spin the article, spun articles are really lifeless. Compared with blogging it’s more personalized and whoever reads it get’s involved.

  • http://www.dcnashvillerealestate.com/ Carla

    Article marketing still helps a lot it just depends on how you are doing it. I also agree that guest blogging is a great way of getting quality and targeted traffic however we should not totally rule out article marketing. This is because it works for some bloggers.

  • http://www.hermosafigura.com Victor Perez

    Ok, I have tried some article marketing and this not work like before, even though in some forums this is very adviced, I don’t think article marketing it’s dead, it still have some value.
    Maybe after changes made by ezines like ezinearticle this run better.

  • http://www.seo-suresh.blogspot.com/ Suresh

    Article Submission marketing is really helpful process for our commercial website, but posting a same content on various article sites is bad, because the content is same. Guest posting is also a great way to get good quality links and instant traffic. thanks for sharing with us.