4 Creative Ways To get Content Ideas For Your Blog

Content ideas – Blogging can be really fun if you can commit yourself to it but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own challenges.

One major challenge of being a blogger is generating content. I have struggled with this on more than one occasion for my blog where I talk about nutrisystem and medifast, and there are times when I just don’t feel like writing. In most of these situations I have tried my best to improve my skills and knowledge, and so below you will find 4 of the best methods that I use to generate content ideas for my blog.

Take a look at your readers comments to find content ideas

My favorite strategy for generating content ideas for my blog is by taking a look at the most popular blog posts I have written. Once I’ve looked at these popular posts I’ll then move to the comments section to read each and every comment from the readers, to really see what they want to read – I’ll then write a post based on what most of my commenter’s have written in their comments.

I have an idea @ home

Here is an example; if I wrote a post titled 10 reasons you should use medifast and nutrisystem and that post became very popular, some of the comments along the lines of that post might be from people asking for alternatives of nutrisystem and medifast – so instead of writing another version of that post, my next post will be focused only on alternatives and nutrisystem and medifast. Believe me, it is very simple, but it works!

Be active on your favorite forums

Sometimes you might not have a big enough audience to be able to get a lot of comments to help give you an idea about what to write about, so in that case you might want to take another step.

One idea that has always worked for me, when it comes to generating content ideas is to be active on the top forums in my niche. There is every probability a lot of newbie flock to these forums to ask questions everyday, especially if it is a very big forum, and in the process I will be able to notice a common trend among the questions asked on these forums and I will then write content based on it.

Read lots of blogs in your niche to find content ideas

So many bloggers run dry of content ideas simply because they don’t read articles by other people in their niche.

Make sure you subscribe to the top blogs in your niche. Also make sure you subscribe to some new and interesting blogs and always ensure you read any unique and informative article you come across. That will go a long way to give you ideas on what to write about.

Ask your readers what they would like to read?

You can write as much great content as you want, but it won’t be a success if your readers don’t want to read it. A very effective strategy I have used to write some of my most popular posts is by asking my readers what they want to read.

If your readers see you as an expert in your field and someone who is able to address their concerns, they will happily ask you questions that bother them.

Writing a blog post based on your readers’ questions can make a very huge impact on the traffic you will get to your blog. Good luck in your search for content ideas.

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About the Author

John has used the above ways to get content ideas for his own blog WeightLossTriumph.com were he offers a Medifast savings coupon. In his site, you can learn the facts about popular diet programs, like Nutrisystem, and read real stories of people who lost weight and kept it off. Medifast and Nutrisystem have helped millions of overweight people improve their health.

  • http://www.magnet4marketing.net Fabrizio Van Marciano

    Very good suggestions John, I must agree that the forums are a great place to get post ideas.

  • Dave

    Wise words, I’m often at a loss for the next topic, but it’s true, your readership always knows best!

  • Bryan

    They say good content is very important..It’s also important to know what readers want to read…very nice article.

  • http://www.techmug.com/ Mandy

    Can you please tell me about auto content?
    Most of the websites offers plugins for auto update content.
    is that works ?

  • Shermon

    Thinking for the next content can be difficult sometimes but it’s sometimes fun. And yes reading other blogs that are related to your niche can really be helpful. I also include any experienced that I have in life for my blog.

  • Bonny

    These are very nice ways to get content ideas. Reading a lot of posts in your niche and reading comments is a very nice way to get ideas of what you can write about. If you write an article addressing a question asked by one of your readers you are guaranteed that the person will appreciate and will visit your blog constantly. This will of course mean more traffic to your site. :)