How to Take Your Existing Content Research to an All New Level by Repurposing It

You may have been in the Internet marketing business for some time now, and your files are filled with content that was valuable to you. But, did you know that this content could still be very valuable now? If you take your existing content and convert it into fresh material with new backlinks, you could […]

How to Deal With Other People’s Negativity

Today’s subject serves as a great topic, especially after the morning I’ve just had. To cut a long story short and to put it bluntly – I was hurled a ton of negative abuse this morning whilst trying to do my bit to help others, which also made me realize that there is absolutely no […]

My First ClickBank Check Experience

Yesterday I received my first ever ClickBank check (or cheque as we spell in the UK) for the sum of $339.19 (£220 GBP) for the affiliate earnings for the last 3 months. I thought I’d take the liberty of sharing with you today my short and inspiring ClickBank story and how I felt about receiving […]

Tips for Newbies: How to Create a Killer Blog Post from Scratch

Most of the people that I talk to about blogging reckon that it’s pretty easy to create a blog post, simply slap up some content together and hit the publish button. Most of these people are complete newbie’s of course who are still playing around with Blogger in their spare time as well. Creating a […]

10 Essential iPad Apps for Businesses

I wouldn’t hesitate to say that the iPad 2 has been one of the most valuable inventions of the modern digital age, certainly for me personally It is lightweight, extremely portable, versatile in which it gives you access to a vast library of apps and productivity tools, from games to convenience and apps to essential […]

How Streaming Your Events Live On The Internet Could Make Your Business Number One

Streaming live events is becoming an increasingly innovative and creative platform for marketing businesses. With competition increasing in the majority of niches, gaining momentum for your business is getting harder and harder to achieve. Streaming your events live could be your answer. The following article explores the key benefits of live streaming and how it […]

The Complete Newbie’s Guide To Google Plus [Google+]

Well it’s been a few months now since Google rolled out its new and exciting new social networking site the Google+ project, and for those still to get their eyes around the new site, below we’ve compiled a complete user friendly newbie’s guide to Google Plus. When Google Plus was first launched back in June […]

3 Practical Ways To Help You Overcome Your Video Blogging Fears

Video Blogging – I was inspired to write this post after reading a very informative write-up on Blogging Video to Connect with Your Audience by Matthew Holden, if you have a spare couple of minutes head over there to check it out. Video blogging or video marketing is still something of a rarity compared to […]

Integrating Effective Email Marketing Into Social Media Success

It’s not hard to identify individual marketing tactics that are essential for effective marketing. Taking those tactics and successfully integrating them into an overall marketing strategy that works consistently isn’t always easy. But if you can consistently produce good content and harness the power of email marketing, you can leverage those marketing essentials into a […]

3 Tactics That Increased The Blog Traffic Growth By Nearly 2,000 Visitors In One Month

In the month of June, if you remember from our traffic and income report we reported 8,845 visits, whilst in the month of July we reported 10,662 visits. I mistakenly changed our traffic strategy in August which saw us increase to 11,406 visits, still a good traffic growth rate nevertheless, but not as much as […]