3 Reasons Why So Many People Fail To Make Money Online!

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So many people either start a blog with the intention of making money from it, or try to figure out how this whole internet marketing malarkey works. Unfortunately many people also fail to make money online trying to do either of the above, but why?

The first reason is, that many people who don’t know how to make money online tend to turn to the internet for advice, the most obvious place of course. Unfortunately whilst the web is the best place to get the right advice it is also full of misleading information.

The second reason follows from the first and that there are many website’s out there that offer to sell you information on how to make money online, when to be frank a lot of the best advice you can get your hands on are actually free, simply by reading blogs and articles that offer sound tips and advice based on real case scenarios and personal experiences on how to make money online.

“You don’t need to hand over money to learn how to make money online…”

The notorious sites in question that offer to sell information are the ones that often take forever to scroll down to the end, and are riddled with screenshots of income reports, testimonials, videos, content marketing jargon and the big fat yellow Buy Now buttons appearing from time to time as you scroll down. You know the kind…

The last reason why I think many people fail to make money online is due to being inconsistent. Whilst knowledge is the base of it all, dedication and perseverance is also the key to being successful.

This blog continues to bring me close to $400+ a month in income, whilst it’s quite not enough to live on right now, it’s making money because I’ve been consistent each month with learning how other’s make money online and use this knowledge to develop my own strategies.

So all of you new comers out there wanting to make money online here’s what you need to know to start.

Learn how to make money online…

Learn everything there is to know about making money online from various blog monetization methods to internet marketing tactics.

Don’t pay for it unless…

Don’t fall into the traps of having to pay good money for advice on how to make money online, or for systems that promises to make you rich overnight, unless of course you’re buying an eBook from a reputable blogger or internet marketer. Research the credibility of the resource before paying for it if you have to.

Develop your own make money online plan and be consistent…

Whilst you’re educating yourself in the world of making money online, design your own money making plan and marketing strategy. Whether you plan to start a blog or do affiliate marketing through article submission, always have a plan.

Remember that nothing happens over night. I’ve been blogging for a little over a year now and whilst the blog is starting to make a good few hundred dollars each month, I went through six solid months of earning close to nothing before I even began, persevere and you will go forth.

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  1. nice and informative article, i agree with the point that inconsistency is the biggest hurdle in earning money online. this process takes some time so some patience is needed which is the key of success in e commerce.
    thanks for the great article.

  2. Mount Juliet real estate says:

    Great post here. Most of the people who fail do not work hard enough and expect fast results. I agree that consistency is also key to online business success.


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