Tips For Newbie’s: How To Promote Your Blog Using Social Media

Social media tools offer limitless solutions for promoting your fledgling blog. If you’ve tried to boost traffic to your blog through other means (SEO, meta tags, etc.) and still suffer from a small readership, you may want to consider utilizing social media tools. Think of the social media tools as constant promoters for your blog, possessing a mobility that allows you to market your blog in places where your blog’s influence wouldn’t normally reach.

Below is a quick run through of three prominent social media tolls with tips about how they can help promote your blog.

Promote your blog with Twitter

Twitter is a particularly apt example of a smart online marketing and promotion tool for generating interest in your blog. Set up a Twitter for your blog with your blog’s name as the handle (if it’s available) and include a link to your blog in your profile.  Start searching for users that tweet content related to your blog.

Twitter: followers and friends

Search hash tags for tweets with topics that align with the topics on your blog. For instance, users who tweet about recent stock market data that include the hash tag “#businessnews” may contain relevant market information for you and your followers.  Retweet tweets that you find enlightening or germane to your interests.

Be sure to tweet regularly about your blog. Whether you’re advertising an update or offering helpful advice relating to your blog, be sure to keep your tweets centered on your blog’s content. Include hash tags on your tweets so people can find you in the same way you’ll find your key tweeters.

Promote your blog with Facebook

Facebook is no longer solely a social networking tool amongst college students. Millions use Facebook to promote their blogs or businesses to a potentially huge audience. Simply create a profile for your blog just as you would create a profile for yourself. Build your blog’s Facebook page with information-rich content that will draw your target audience, and always remember to link back to your blog.

Don’t re-post entire blog posts on your Facebook page—give the readers just enough to make them want to click to your blog. Bear in mind that you should maintain an affable and approachable demeanor on your blog’s Facebook profile, even if you maintain a professional blog. People regard Facebook as a casual social networking tool, so try to speak informally.

Promote your blog with LinkedIn

For those who want to maintain a higher level of professionalism when promoting their blog, there’s the business networking site LinkedIn. It takes more personal investment to cultivate a complete profile on LinkedIn profile, but you can use it to your advantage.

Certainly link to your blog, but take advantage of the thorough profile and lay out your credentials and experience so you can attract similarly experienced contacts to your profile and your blog.

If you’re a business blogger, LinkedIn can double as an excellent networking tool to establish connections with people that may not have found you from your blog. Your blog will be open to a select niche of professionals who could share your blog amongst similar users.

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  • Samuel

    Hey Lauren!
    I really admire and appreciate your firm and well fabricated ideas on blog promotions using social media. All these three Social media networks are good for promotion no doubt,but now Google+ is in the market and doing well with this area,Google+ is SEO compatible and it offers to imply promotion techniques directly with its platform.Now Google+ is becoming favorite among internet business owners. Thank you for sharing such a great and valuable info with us.

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  •!/robertbenwell Robert Benwell

    Social media indeed but to fully utilise the power of social media you need to have a genuine presence and provide content and information which has value and will be useful to other people.

  • Lee Churchill

    A great selection of actionable tips to drive traffic to your brand. As far as free advertising goes, you can’t beat social. Especially Facebook, owing to it’s ‘spreadable’ nature.

    Don’t know how you feel about links on your blog, but I feel this is on point. I set up a simple group yesterday and both myself have all added around 50 Facebook likes to our pages in 24 hours. The group is here and is open to anyone:

    Best of luck to you all ;-)

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Thanks for the resource Lee, I will take a look shortly.

  • Kamaljeet

    Hey Lauren, Thank you so much for this informative article, it is really helpful…can you also post a little about how Google+ works ‘cos we see a lot of that as well these days on most sites. Thanks.