Get Paid To Write: 5 Sites That Pays You For Writing

You really don’t need a blog to make money from writing, you don’t need to be a freelance writer to get paid to write… in fact you don’t even need a website at all. Today I’d like to share with you 5 top sites that are willing to pay you for writing and submitting articles as well as photo’s, videos and much more…

The five sites in question are what are called web 2.0 publishing sites; they are like article directory sites, the only differences are that you can make friends and socialize, upload videos and articles, upload photos even and get paid for it.  Let’s take a closer look.

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The site’s we’re going to look at today are Hubpages and Squidoo which I’m sure many of you will be familiar with. We’re also going to look at Flixya, Triond and InfoBarrel.

Get Paid to Write on Squidoo

Let’s get started with Squidoo. Squidoo is a great place to start publishing your articles on; you can create articles on pretty much anything you like, absolutely anything. The clever and exciting features in Squidoo allows you to create dynamic weblog pages filled with great content, videos, links, your favourite feeds, photo’s, a guest book and much more, these web pages are known as lenses. You can create a lens direct from your dashboard. You can also customize the font colours and layout of your lens.

Making Money with Squidoo

To make money with your lens, Squidoo will advertise ads and products to your lens from Amazon, eBay, CafePress and many more; the products will be related to the content of your lens. For example say you write a lens on rare comic books, Squidoo will add comic related products from various affiliate programs to display in your lens and that’s where you earn a commission from the referrals, 50% commission to be exact.

Commission is also earned from contextual ads provided by Google AdSense.

In all realism, the amount of money you earn from your leans greatly depends on the popularity of the topic of your lens and number of lens you have created.

The more lenses you have the more money you can make. The more lenses you have in popular subjects such as Wii games, films, music, health and beauty for example the even more money you can make. Signup now it’s free, and get paid to write on Squidoo.

Get Paid to Write on HubPages

Moving on to HubPages; HubPages is another very popular blog publishing website. HubPages has a huge community of writers all contributing to adding value to the site. With over 1 million published hubs (articles) and over 200,000 authors, HubPages is easily one of the biggest web 2.0 publishing sites on the web.

Starting a hub is just like creating a new blog post. When you start a new hub you have complete control over title, permalink, topic and category, layout of your content (video, articles, comments) and tags. Just like Squidoo you can also add links from other resources such as your favourite feeds. Each time I create a new hub in HubPages I always add the feed to my blog; this helps me to get extra exposure to the content of my blog.

HubPages also allows you to engage with other hubbers and build a community of friends.

HubPages receive much less spamming than Squidoo.

Making Money on HubPages

Making money with hub works the same as Squidoo in many ways. The affiliate settings in your HubPage dashboard allow you to configure settings for Google Adsense, Amazon and eBay and more recently HubPages added the HubPages Ad referral Program.

Commission earned from eBay referrals is 100% yours, whilst if you have your own Google Adsense account you can earn shared revenue. Signup now and get paid to write on HubPages, it’s free.

Get Paid to Write on Flixya

If you’ve not yet become familiar with Flixya then you’re going to love this site.

Flixya is powered by Google Adsense, and you can once again share anything and everything you want from your favourite videos, photos, articles and all while earning 100% of the profits generated by your content. Flixya may not be as popular as Squidoo and HubPages but still worth your time and effort.

Making Money with Flixya

Money is earned through the Google Adsense program where you get to earn 100% of the earnings from the content you publish. Signup now and get paid to write on Flixya.

Get Paid to Write on Triond

Triond is a great publishing site claiming that they are more profitable than any other blog publishing site on the www. If you’re looking to grow your readership, by uploading photo’s and videos, building a community of followers and generally socialising on Triond all whilst getting paid for it then this site is for you.

As far as popularity goes Triond are on par with Flixya so both these sites are great little additional earners to have.

When you submit content to Triond it is not directly published on the site itself. More over Triond has a database of existing websites already with a wide audience; this is where your content is published and read once approved.

Making Money with Triond

Triond participates in using contextual advertising programs. You earn 50% of the revenue generated by your content. Signup now and get paid to write and share stuff on Triond, its completely free.

Get Paid to Write on InfoBarrel

Last but not least is InfoBarrel, one which I missed out on a guest post I wrote for TechnShare a while back.

InfoBarrel allows you to do exactly the same things as Flixya and Triond, publishing content on your favourite topics and adding pictures, uploading videos and adding other interactive content, making friends and getting paid for it, nice!

In a popularity contest InfoBarrel are on par with both Flixya and Triond.

Making Money with InfoBarrel

With InfoBarrel you earn 75% of the revenue generated by your content through the Google Adsense program. Signup now and get paid to write on InfoBarrel.


Whilst there are many other up and coming web 2.0 blog publishing sites these are by far the most popular around. The great points to keep in mind that these sites can offer the avid online marketer a place to do effective article marketing and drive traffic back to their own websites; At the same time earn some additional revenue, make new connections and get SEO quality backlinks, and yes, these sites are all do-follow. Look at it this way, it like getting paid for doing article marketing. Now go create some lens, hubs and dominate your niche in Flixya, Triond and InfoBarrel, enjoy.

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