UK Riots Dominating News Sites & Twitter Internet Traffic

London Riots, Croydon

Over the last week or so we’ve seen a small fall in internet traffic to the blog, but over the last three days internet traffic has decreased quite considerably.

The reason for this is of course due to what has been going on in the media in particular the London riots.  Once again people are turning to the internet to get the latest news and events, and the Hitwise measurement charts tells the story.

Last week, the falling stock markets dominated much of the news media and its respected sites, whilst the last few days the recent London riots and riots taking place in other parts of the UK has been dominating the social media and news sites.

For three nights gangs of masked youths have been rioting and looting throughout the British capital which has now moved to other areas of the UK.

News site Sky News and BBC News and are amongst the many news sites that were dominated by the breaking news of the London riots, whilst social media site Twitter outpaced Facebook in social news traffic seeing 1 in every 170 UK internet users visit the site throughout the 8th August onwards.

eBay also saw many UK internet users running searches for listings that may well be related to the riots and looting in London, many of those listings being respectively removed by eBay.

Photo by George Rex


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  1. Samantha says:

    This is aweful but the twitter traffic statistcs are interesting, it shows that social media has a pace respetively when it comes to spreading news.

  2. Hi there Fabrizio! This is so much of destruction but twitter boost up are very good. If this did not happen, what will the news about Twitter and facebook? It just comes out that social media are always there to support any happenings around the world.

  3. Social networking site like Twitter has given the protestors and law enforcement quicker methods for sharing or gathering of information. Users generally flock social networking sites to get real time eyewitness updates of rioting. It gives people a voice to express and to get heard.

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