5 Social Media Tactics For Email Marketers

Email is a tool that that the majority of adult internet users access every day, which is why email marketing is so effective. Email marketing is time-efficient, cost-effective, builds relationships and boosts sales.

And now, social media marketing is on the rise for similar reasons. The 2011 MarketingSherpa Social Media Marketing Benchmark Survey reported that 49% of marketers believe that social media is a promising tactic and will eventually produce ROI, and 7% reported already seeing measurable ROI and plan to increase their budget for it.

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Pair social media marketing with your email marketing, and you’ve got a killer combo. This pairing allows you to build your list faster and create quality relationships with your subscribers more easily.

So what exactly can you do to make this match perfect? We’ve got 5 ways to to get social media working with your email marketing effectively.

1.  Include a Sign Up Form on Facebook

Facebook currently has over 750 million users, with over half of them logging in on any given day. This makes it a perfect place to advertise for your mailing list.

AWeber customers have found that adding a form on Facebook is a top method for increasing subscriber growth.

If you can’t put a form on your Facebook page, provide a link for where visitors can go to sign up. Make sure you clearly explain what the benefit is for signing up to your mailing list. Do they get special deals? Hear your news first? Knowing the value of giving you their information will help convince them to subscribe.

2. Share Your Emails

Social media has made it easier to spread information quickly. Your emails aren’t limited to your subscriber base – they can be spread to your social media followers as well, your followers can share it with their followers, etc.

Send out a link to a web-based version of your recent newsletter on all the social media platforms you use. Your followers can advertise for you for free! What some marketers do is include a small blurb in their email that provides information on how to sign up to the mailing list if they were forwarded or shared the email, ensuring that potential subscribers can easily sign up.

3. Have a “Follow Us” Section in Your Emails

Your subscribers may not realize you’re active on social media, or that you want to connect with them, so invite them!

Include links or buttons in your email to your social media sites you update regularly. The key thing to note here is you only want to share sites you update on a regular basis; you don’t want someone asking you a question on one of those sites and have them go unanswered.

You can encourage them to follow you on social media sites by mentioning what goes on there. Maybe you offer contests or maybe it’s just a place where informal conversation happens, but your subscribers will want to know!

By making yourself more transparent and allowing them to connect with you in different ways, you’re building stronger relationships with your subscribers. Stronger relationships can mean more sales.

4. Start a Conversation

Social media makes it even easier for your subscribers to sound off and communicate with other subscribers.

You can ask subscribers what they think of you and your site, what they’d like to see more of, and what bothers them, and have them be able to discuss this with all your other followers.

You can also bring up a topic relevant to your industry and get them to voice their opinions about it, adding your comments as necessary.

This is another great way to build relationships with your subscribers. The more relationship-building opportunities you take, the more likely your subscribers will remain active on your list.

5. Create Content Out of Discussions

Starting conversations doesn’t just give you helpful feedback and open communications. It’s a content gold mine for your emails.

You can write about common misconceptions you see, hot topics and what people are saying about you. This doesn’t just have to be what you see on your social media sites. Search your name and see what kind of buzz is going on about you on  other pages. Whether you’re getting positive or negative talk, it’s something you can and should address in your emails.

And while more content is always a plus, subscribers will like to see that you care about what you’re saying (another relationship builder!).

These are by no means the only way social media can help you with your email marketing, but they’re some easy tips you can start with. Both social media and email marketing will continue to evolve, so make sure you’re using them to their fullest potential.

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  • David

    Crystal, I must confess to suffering from social media burnout. I rarely go on FB anymore, my Twitter feed is choked with spam, and Goog+ has me cringing in circles. I am slowly going back to email more and more because its easy to get on my phone and it separates the noise from the signal. And yet my twenty-something friends rarely touch email. I have to text them to check their inbox when I send them something important! They are all addicted to the free BBM on their Crackberries.

    I guess reaching the different generations requires flexibility, doesn’t it?

  • http://travelwisconsin.us/ Melanie

    I really appreciate this article Crystal , we all know that social network are common these days, the tips you have shared is very effective specially for those who work online. but the problem is the competition for example there are people who uses different kinds of social media site for example Face-book, Twitter , and Google plus.

  • http://www.thedirecttree.com John

    David B – Very true.. i never got into the FB and TW… frankly i do not have the time for it and we have prohibited use of FB or any other social sites in our office as people were spending hours just replying to their friends but on the other site it is great for businesses to spread the word. You would never achieve the same result via email.