9 Useful Software’s And Techniques For Modifying Image Sizes

Inclusion of pictures, no doubt, has made online communication lively and exciting. We get to share and update our friends and family on how we are doing, events and trips they missed or simply show them the on-goings in our lives. However, these photos are in different formats and sizes depending on the type of camera used to take the photos. Some cameras are high resolution cameras which produce larger and heavier images which can be quite frustrating while uploading online, especially on slower connections.  Luckily there are a few easy tricks and tools that you can employ and that’s exactly what this article is designed to help you with.

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Make use of available picture modifying Software

Using photo editing software’s gives more editing features compared to using word processors such as MS word which have very limited options. Basically you can only re-size your images and vary the color shade on your image. Besides if you save you photos with a word processor you cannot upload them for online sharing which defeats the reasons for editing. There are several software’s available for photo editing. They range from simple photo editing software to high end software’s with more advanced features.

1. Windows photo editors.

The windows operating system comes bundled with simple photo editing to tools by default for example Microsoft picture manager, paint, picture viewer, powertoys etc. They suffice for personal photos intended for sharing online or for keeps or those intended for websites. With these, you can re-size your picture’s dimensions, increase or reduce pixels and even change its picture format e.g. .jpg, .bmp .png etc. The most common is jpg or jpeg. The toolbars are easy to find and the icons straight forward.

2. Crunch 4 Free Software

This is a handy free software that is particularly applicable when modifying heavy and sizeable images with the .JPG or .JPEG formats. Its interface offers several options that you can use to manipulate your image. All you do is open the image you wish to manipulate then select the options that will effect the desired changes.

3. GIF Reducer Software

This is another great software that you can employ to your image with the GIF format. You can easily open a ! MB image and re-size to whatever dimensions you want. It allows you to change the colors of your image as well.

4. Puny PNG Software

This is a wonderful free web utility that you can use to convert your images from GIF and JGP formats into .PNG without losing the quality of your photos automatically.

5. Resize 2 Mail Software

This is great applications that easily resizes your images into a desired size as well as allow you to choose a resolution to save it in. This is particularly useful for those intending to email pictures.

6. iResize Software

This is a free to use web based software that allows you to shrink your images to single size images as well as turn and have your images in a variety of angles. This software can be used with various file formats.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the high end advanced featured photo editing software available. With Photoshop you can increase images to bill board size images as well as change backgrounds without messing the photograph.

7. Batch Image Resizing Using Photoshop Actions and image processor

As discussed in the previous paragraph, Photoshop is one of the very advanced featured software. You can re-size a number of photographs into pre-determined single sized images . You can use these feature if you wish to upload several images to say blog posts and websites. You just got to specify a preset in the Actions menu then select the images that you want taking this effect and point to where you want them saved. This batch process is automatic in Photoshop.

The image processor feature is another option that you can use to re-size a number of pictures into a single pre-determined dimensions. Novice users may have difficulty using Photoshop and a little training will be required. But Photoshop holds very powerful tools to manipulate your pictures.

Discussed above are some of the tools that you will find extremely useful when working with images. They are very easy and exciting to use. Anyone using these tools will have fun exploring the options that they can provide. All these tools are free except Adobe Photoshop.

Image courtesy of Flickr user: Travis Isaacs

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