How Just 60 Minutes Of Blogging Each Day Can Do Wonders For Your Blog

On average how much time do you spend blogging each day, an hour; a few hours maybe? Whilst the pro bloggers might well have all the time in the world to devote to their blogs, the majority of us cog-churning laborers of life, will have other commitments to tend to such being in full-time work and looking after a family etc. But the truth is as newbies; you don’t need to spend endless hours on your blog each day to make good progress.

Today I’m going to show you how, by devoting just 60-minutes of your life each day to blogging, you can get all the essential tasks of blogging completed, and still have time for a real social life! You can still make progress, build traffic, market and promote your blog just as efficiently as you would trying to bash out 3 or 4 hours on it each night after school or after work.


Planning, Scheduling and Organizing…


The key to efficient blogging for just one hour each day is down to being organized; so let’s start with spending the first 5 minutes of your hour scheduling everything you’re going to get done in the next 55 minutes.

Start the clock…

Note: You can get a lot more done if you’re only publishing one quality post every other day, which means every other day your whole hour can be devoted to the maintaining, marketing and the promoting of your blog, just a point :)

Once you’ve penned out your tasks for the next 55 minutes ahead, spend the next 20 minutes writing your post, if you can’t write a good quality post in 20 minutes then spend the whole hour doing it! but once you’ve hit that publish button do no more! You can spend tomorrow’s 60 minutes on other areas of developing your blog. If you can write a really good post in 20 minutes then that’s great!

OK assuming you’ve written your post and published it in the 20 minutes given, you’re now left with 35 minutes on the clock… spend the next 10 minutes moderating and replying to comments as well as commenting on 1 or 2 of your other favorite blogs.

OK you’re now left with 25 minutes

Spend your last 25 minutes scheduling tweets and links to appear on your Twitter profile and Facebook page whilst you’re otherwise engaged, engaging with your contacts in LinkedIn and Google+, checking emails and if you have time left carry out some basic blog maintenance work such as checking plugins, checking databases and backup files etc.

That’s it in 60 minutes you’ve completed:

  • Writing and publishing a quality post
  • Moderating and replying to comments
  • Reading and commenting on one or two other blogs
  • Engaged on social sites
  • Scheduled tweets and messages for Twitter & Facebook
  • Checked your emails
  • Basic blog maintenance

Tomorrow you can do all over again, however as I mentioned earlier, if you’re only posting one post every other day, you can devote the whole of tomorrow’s 60 minutes to marketing and promoting your bog effectively.

At first this can prove quite a bit of a challenge at best of times, but as you become more and more prolific and regimental with the routine, you’ll find that dedicating a single hour each day to blogging everyday for the next two years let’s say, being optimistic of course, you will make consistent progress and still have time to devote to other areas of your life, until you can blog full-time, keep the faith :)

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  • Andy C

    Yes, it’s true that newbies blogger only waste their time to do unnecessary things in the net. Perhaps their time is exhausted in social media like facebook or twitter and without do promoting their contents or blog in it. Time arrangement is the key to get succeed.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Andy thanks for your comment, it is essential that bloggers realise what works best for them and what doesn’t when working on the development of their blogs, it is easy to get caught up in time consuming tasks that often doesn’t work.

  • Priyanka

    planning is very necessary for everyday blogging.. one unique article can create wonders.. good post!

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Priyanka thanks for visiting our blog, I agree yes, knowing how to manage your time properly is essential for blogging success :)

  • sanjay

    What I do is think about the post when I was at the bus (going to work), lay it out for 10min or less when I get home. Then spend 30min of it every day, usually took me 3 days to finish it.
    Btw, your social sharing on the left side is broken. It is inside the wrapper :P

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Sanjay, thanks for dropping by, good concept to writing your posts :) thanks for letting me know about the social sharing icons i’ve removed it completely as I cannot stop it from appearing insider the wrapper :(

  • KBharath @ HDBloggers

    Thanks for sharing these Useful Tips here and as a newbie blogger i waste a lot of time on facebook and stumbleupon rather than promoting my blog via commenting and guest posting on other blogs.

  • Jasmine

    Wow, I must say that you are very efficient to be able to accomplish so much in 1 hour. Good job! :)

  • Ana @ Deceased Estate Sales

    This kind of routine actually gets me through my writer’s block when i have one. I guess it gets me into a “busy” mode and my mind gets into a mode that is more open to writing and ideas. Starting is always the hardest and a strict plan makes me think that I “have to” do things, so I actually do them!