7 Tips for Accepting the right types of Guest Writers to your Blog!


Guest writing on our blog!

As you know we’ve been pretty open about encouraging other budding bloggers in the community to come and join us as as guest writers for Magnet4Marketing, and over the last eight weeks or so we’ve welcomed over 30 new contributors to the blog.

However due to the high number of forum and blog spammers registering to the site also, we’ve had no other choice but to suspend the facility to register with the site for guest writing.

Whilst this is a little frustrating and unfortunate for those genuinely interested in writing for us, it is still possible. Before now we allowed access to registering for a contributor account and posting posts for consideration. Now new guest writers will have to email me direct with their interest in writing for us; i.e. simply include your name, contact email and your website or blog URL, a username of your choice and I’ll create a contributor account immediately and email you back the details.

As well as forum and blog spammers registering to use the site there has been an increase in number of excessive login attempts with IP’s originating from Turkey and Russia, these IP’s are also responsible for a huge amount of comment spam left on the blog which thankfully Akismet is fending off. As an addition we’ve also made substantial changes to make the blog more secure.

Those of you already registered with us as guest writers; please ensure that your username and password are strong, and doesn’t run the risk of being compromised.

Tips for accepting guest writers to your blog!

1. Create a landing page for your potential guest writers outlining all the information, guidelines and valued reasons why contributors should write for your blog.

2. Allow users to subscribe as a ‘subscriber’ first before upgrading them to the ‘contributor’ level in WordPress.

3. Encourage your guest writers to have a visible Gravatar and a completed bio in their profile to show on their posts.

4. Check out the sites or blogs of your new contributors to see a sample of their writing before accepting them on your site.

5. Remove any profiles that are dormant (those who have registered months ago and have not contributed to anything on your blog).

6. Set strict writing guidelines for writing on your blog i.e. minimum words required, content relevancy, affiliate links etc.

7. If you receive a high number of registrations with dodgy looking email addresses, simply paste each email address in eVerify.com or Google to reveal information about, or to see if these emails have been listed as spammers.

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About Fabrizio Van Marciano

Fabrizio Van Marciano is the founder and chief editor at magnet4marketing.net and the author of 101 Blog Traffic Tips. Connect with Fabrizio on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. You can find out more about Fabrizio here.


  1. Wez Bailey says:
    Hi, thanks a lot for this amazing post. To me the most important thing will be to check out the quality of the articles and there is no better way of checking this than by visiting the person's website. You have to bear in mind that the person will be posting on your website and your own reputation is at stake if you allow someone who lacks the required skills and knowledge to post on your website.
    • Fabrizio Van Marciano says:
      Hi Wez thanks for stopping by, you're absolutely right in stating that ensuring the quality and resourcefulness of the content supplied by guest writers, needs to meet the standard that you have built your blog's reputation around.
  2. Hi Fabrizio, Those 7 tips of guest writers blogs was really affective, and I try it and is really great., Thanks for sharing this.


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