How To Schedule Posts Using HootSuite’s New Publisher Feature

HootSuite is a popular social media dashboard that allows you to take full control of your daily communications across social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and a few others to mention.

HootSuite recently rolled out a brand new feature to their social dashboard. The new Publisher tools now allows you to schedule posts, tweets and messages across many social sites from one single interface. For me personally this tool is an exceptional feature for promoting affiliate links, product reviews as well as to schedule posts and articles at times when I’m simply not able to post them manually.


In today’s short tutorial we’re going to take a look just how simple it is to schedule posts and messages using the new publisher features.

If you’re not already using HootSuite you can signup for a free user account here. If you’re already a user sign in as you normally would.


The first step once you have logged into your dashboard is to click on the Publisher button in the left navigational menu which pops up when you hover your mouse over the paper aeroplane looking icon. This will take you to the publisher dashboard itself.


To begin scheduling your timely messages on Twitter and Facebook simply type in your message or tweet along with the URL in the message box. You can also copy tweets from the TweetMe pop-up box straight into this box. You might also want to use the shrink feature to shorten URL’s.

To schedule your message click on the small calendar icon beneath the message box to select the date and time you wish you message to be sent. You can then hit the done button or if you’re a premium subscriber to HootSuite you can schedule in bulk.


Once you’ve hit the done button, check the social profiles you wish to have your message sent to. The photo above suggests that I’m tweeting a post from my blog to appear on my Twitter and Facebook profiles. When you check the Facebook box, HootSuite will create a preview of how your message will appear on your Facebook profile. You can then make changes to the appearance if you wish to.


OK, when you’re done scheduling all your posts and messages, the list of tweets and their respected schedule time of release will be shown as above. You can view in list, day, week or month.


By clicking on the past schedule button in the left hand navigational menu under publisher you can view your past scheduled posts and messages as shown above. Finally you can also edit or delete any tweet or message that you’ve scheduled by simply hovering your mouse over the right hand side of your list view page to bring up the edit and delete icons.


  • Richard

    You really got me interested with HootSuite. With this new publisher feature. Scheduling your post will always come in handy. I will try your advice on this one and start scheduling my post. Thanks for the tips Fabrizio Van Marciano. Its quite a long Name.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Richard thanks for stopping by, yeah the name is a pretty long one though most people just call me Fabz or Fabrizio :) HootSuite is a great tool I use it everyday as I do feel that it saves a lot of time going back and forth between social sites. The publisher tools are a great addition and I know there a probably plenty of other URL shortening services and tweet scheduling software’s available on the web but this for me works really well because it’s integrated in one dashboard. Definitely worth checking out, best of luck.

  • Samantha

    I love HootSuite too Fabz, this new tool will be very useful. You can also keep tabs on your fave RSS feeds too.

  • Benjamin Hübner

    I´ve used hootSuite some time ago, until my pc crashed. Now it may be time to use it once again, don´t know why I didn´t thought about it earlier. Does it supports more than one Twitter account?

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Yes I’ve been able to use both my Twitter account for this blog and my online art business on the hub.

  • Jasmine

    HootSuite’s scheduling feature looks really great… thank you for the introduction. I would love to give it a try!

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Jasmine, thanks for dropping by, good luck with HootSuite it’s well worth investing the time in using. It will make your social interventions a lot easier to manage.