Three Of The Leading Content Management System

Three of the leading content management system or CMS available online are Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. They are created using PHP, the most popularly used language in the web and are open source, which means they are free to use. For the uninitiated user, all three of them are briefly explained below.


Many webmasters consider Drupal to be the best content management system, though it is not as popular as Joomla and WordPress. Drupal offers all the features one can expect from a top level CMS and is a common choice to create websites of all sizes. Though it does not have as many various extensions and themes that the other two do, it still can offer quite enough to create a great-looking website with it.


WordPress is yet another PHP based CMS and a very popular one. Among the three, WordPress is generally easier for an inexperienced webmaster to learn. As to administering and maintaining, opinions as to which is the best remain divided.

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Considering the functionality part, WordPress is one of the best that a content management system can provide. It provides you with almost every feature one can think of. Besides, there are innumerable plug-ins that come with WordPress, making it easy to figure out exactly how you need your website to be. It also comes with WordPress themes which are also free for use. With so many features, WordPress is an excellent choice to create a website whatever size you wish. It has a developers’ community and forums, where you can address any problems you face while using WordPress.


Many of the top websites in the internet are created using Joomla, giving it its rightful place as one of the leading content management system. Joomla comes with thousands of functionalities, extensions and has an online community of supporters as well. It can be used to create websites of all sizes, ranging from a personal blog to a website which has millions of visitors.

With its active team of supporters and developers, new versions, new features and bug fixes are constantly released. Joomla also has an active online community, which serves as a platform for people to address problems they face while using the software. Very often, the solutions to a problem are given quite fast. It is this user friendly option that has made it a favorite content management system among many webmasters.

Picking one among the three mentioned content management system and naming it the best is quite impossible. All three of them are great in their own way, so it is hard to weigh one against another. It is more or less a subjective decision, based on the personal preferences of the user. Even though the three mentioned above are frequently cited as the ‘three best’ CMS, you needn’t restrict yourself to using only these. There are still many more content management system which are efficient in their function, like Plone, Typo3, PHP-Nuke, TextPattern, to name but a few.

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  1. I vote wordpress! So easy and 100% customizable, Joomla requires way more time and is too fiddly sometimes.

    I am currently helping people setup wordpress blogs in only a few minutes, its peanuts.

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