Quality Matters A Lot In B2B Article Marketing

SEO Managers can opt from several link building strategies while an SEO campaign is implemented. Finest campaigns are those which consist of a range of links from multiple sources and are different from the rest. One such strategy, which was believed to be a winning one, was to write useful and obliging articles and present them to the document and article sharing websites.

Companies would frequently submit the similar article to several sites. The idea behind this strategy was to enhance the probability of target audience members spotting it and even building link portfolio from diverse sites for the uses of SEO.

On the other hand, few months back Google came up with its Panda/Farmer algorithm update and attacked the plagiarized content and spam on the web.

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They wanted to improve the quality of search results and thus the spotted duplicated content was penalized. After the update, numerous sites witnessed drop in their traffic immediately. A number of people even became jobless because of the loss of search engine rankings.

B2B marketers are now anxious about the worth of online article marketing. The outcome of this update is that article marketing has proved to be an extremely important constituent of B2B strategy. SEO marketers have realized that it’s better to focus on the quality of articles rather than focusing on its quantity. This makes the articles readable and also adds to the benefits of user.

This Google update is commendable even though it resulted in some major strain. Google reminded us that article marketing initially aims at building the brand and enhancing its reputation. Moreover, you need to ascertain yourselves as your target audience trusts you to be a vital source of information.You should always concentrate on the links and keywords but keep in mind the audience you will target while doing so.

Even if this exists you should not shun submitting articles to multiple article sharing sites. It is still among the finest ways to build your brands reputation by having a profile and being present on numerous document sharing sites. Remember! Each article submitted should be exclusive and distinct.

It is obvious that it will take more efforts and is time consuming, but it also enhances the quality and raises the chances of being noticed and spotted by your target audience. Generating better quality of articles not only favors your business but also adds to the gains of the people.

Always keep in mind that article marketing is the one which stands among the finest diverse SEO strategies and like any other strategy you should not rely a lot on article marketing even if it still has SEO benefits.

Photo by Emreterok