How to start a Podcast for your Blog

If you currently maintain your own blog, then you may or may not be aware of the fact that recording your own podcast could not only help you gain more readership, but gain more exposure as a professional blogger as well.

Given the fact that you can find numerous podcasts on everything from health and fitness to wildlife, it can be incredibly easy to start a podcast that touches on the various topics you write about on your blog.

My Podcast Set I

To start recording an episode for your podcast you will need to purchase a microphone, (however most laptops come with a built-in microphone already).

Your next step is deciding on which software program you would like to use to record your podcast. Audacity is one of the most popular recording software programs on the web because it is easy to use and it allows you to record various different tracks to layer on top of each other. Once you are finished recording, you will need to export the file as a WAV of MP3 file, however if you’re going to export the file as an MP3 you will need to download an additional codec which can be found on the Audacity website.

If Audacity isn’t your cup of tea, some bloggers also use more simple software programs like Skype as well because it contains a free levelator which lets you record your own voice and then export the recording as a WAV file.

Also, believe it or not, some bloggers use their own telephones to record their podcasts by using a program like Call Graph, which exports all of your call recordings as MP3 files.

Once you’ve finished recording and exporting the audio file for your first podcast, you will need to find a site that will allow you to publish it online. Blogtalkradio, Podbean and Podomatic are all popular sites which allow you to have up to 500MB of storage and 15GB of bandwidth per month, however the amount varies depending on which site you choose.

And last, but certainly not least, you will need to set up an RSS feed for your podcast on your blog so your readers and listeners can get notifications whenever a new episode is uploaded. Once you are finished doing this, you will be able to promote and write about your new podcast to your blog readers, and you could even record a podcast that discusses past or upcoming articles you’re going to write about on your blog as well.

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  1. Hi Maria, Nice post and a very important tip. Although i have still not started a Podcast for my blog but after listening to all bloggers and marketer, i am seriously thinking about it.
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  2. David Laigh says:

    You’ve pointed out some valuable tips here Maria and make out creating podcast isn’t as technical as I once thought it to be. Thanks I will put your ideas into practice.

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