Forget SEO & Google: Facebook is your ultimate traffic source alternative!

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Jonathan Volk is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most successful and most established affiliate marketer’s on the World Wide Web today, which is why this opportunity comes from his exceptionally informative PDF guide, the FB Ads guide as today’s recommended online marketing product review.

Jonathan rightly explains how, as online marketers and entrepreneurs, we endlessly work our fingers down to the bone trying to generate as much traffic as we can to our blog or website, and how the majority of online businesses out there rely heavily on SEO and Google to build a successful and profitable online business that attracts a targeted audience. As online marketers we heavily depend on one single source alone to become successful… that source is traffic!

If you primarily rely on SEO and Google to drive traffic to your site, then you’ll also know that using Google advertising services such as AdWords are becoming less and less effective. People are beginning to realise that Google does not hold all the cards when it comes to generating traffic, especially targeted traffic to businesses. All hail Facebook

Most of us are at the mercy of Google; however Jonathan Volk on the other hand clearly believes that SEO and Google AdWords in particular suck when it comes to effectively doing online marketing, and making money online and here are a few valid reasons why…

  • Google Ads hates affiliate affiliates… fact
  • SEO heavily relies on Google
  • Article marketing relies on SEO which relies on Google
  • Viral marketing relies on Google
  • Buying traffic from Google is damn well expensive
  • Google Ads customer support sucks big time!
  • Google recently decided to axe 15,000 advertisers without prior notice

These are essentially just a few reasons why Google supposedly sucks…

Needless to say, the facts still remains that SEO and Google works! They may suck and require long tedious hours of online slavery, but it works.

Personally I’d love to be able to say I work for my online business alone and not for Google. I don’t want to be spending my whole life trying to please Google in every possible way to generate the kind of traffic I want to my blog, and making good money from that traffic… This is where Jonathan’s PDF guide the FB Ads guide comes to play.

 “…Facebook loves affiliates…”

the FB Ads Guide

Jonathan Volk’s guide, the FB Ads guide is an essential bit of reading in every sense. It focuses on teaching you exactly how to use Facebook and Facebook Ads in particular as your ultimate alternative traffic source. Can you imagine getting a dump load of traffic to your website or your blog without having to rely on Google? It’s absolutely possible and here are a few reasons why…

Facebook has more traffic than Google in the US and the UK and many other countries… Facebook’s traffic is far more targeting than of Google’s; the competition on Facebook Ads is far less than users of Google Ads. What’s more…? Facebook loves affiliates… music to my ears…

Jonathan’s A-Z guide is aimed to show you exactly how to create powerful advertising marketing campaigns that target the right audience for the right price, and help you to make the kinds of revenue you’d never thought possible. He shares many valuable and ethical tips and tricks on getting the most out of Facebook Ads and profiting with big bucks in no time.

Want to find out more on why Facebook is the new way forward for increasing traffic and revenue to your business? Download the guide today.

Download the FB Ads guide by Jonathan Volk.

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  1. The only problem I see with using exclusively paid methods of traffic generation, Fabrizio, is that they are only as good as the size of your wallet.

    Diversity is the key, and yes, that includes SEO.


  2. Jawed says:

    Nice post Van. Although i agree with some of your points but still i think that neglecting Google will be more than a stupid act. Facebook has a lot of traffic but is known to be good only for some certain type of ads and few niches. Whereas Google is the biggest player in every aspects of PPC and SE advertising. And one more important thing is that Facebook type things don’t always stays at the top. A recent example are the rumors taking place after launch of G+ beta.

  3. Samantha says:

    Insightful review Fabrizio, but I think I’d have to agree that putting Google out of the frame would be ludicrous, and OK, Facebook perhaps might be a great alternative if ever there was one, but good SEO practices brings free traffic as we know and there are paid services through Google ads. To get free traffic from Facebook you would require a lot and I really mean a lot of fans, which we also know is very hard to come by; which leaves us with just Facebook ads. So you’re almost saying let’s forget Google and SEO and just concentrate on paying for traffic from Facebook which in my mind and like most people would be as I said ludicrous, but you’ve pointed out some interesting facts regarding Google and Facebook as far as online marketing goes, thanks.

  4. Fabrizio Van Marciano says:

    First of all thank for your comments and points of view. I don’t believe neglecting Google or SEO is an option in any case that would be a bit dumb of course, but for those who use Google Ads must be made aware that there are much better options as far as paid advertising is concerned and Facebook Ads is far more affective. I also know for a fact there are online businesses out there that have vanished in thin air thanks to the panda updates, in fact my own online art business is fast becoming one of them, and I’ve paid all the attention in the world to SEO, as much as I can.

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