10 Facts & Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using Facebook

This post is aimed at new business start-up’s using social media and Facebook for business for the first time.

If you’re still debating over whether or not to use Facebook for marketing purposes for your business, then here are some top facts and reasons that might just entice you to do so.
As if you didn’t already know, Facebook is the most successful social networking site on the planet, and unlike many other social media sites, you are not limited to how you can utilize this social network giant to get the most out of marketing and promoting your business online.

business using Facebook

One of the two biggest reasons why Facebook is a must for any business is because 1, people trust FB 2; FB attracts an astonishing amount of traffic.

If your business is online, e.g. has a website, or utilizes email, then social media is a big deal, and at the forefront of social media marketing stands the likes of FB, Twitter and YouTube. Let’s take a look at the facts, what do you need to know?

1. Facebook currently has more than 600 million users worldwide.

2. More than 200 million people log into their Facebook accounts each day.

3. Facebook now get’s more traffic than search engine giants Google!

SM WMS Facebook Google 3-13-10

4. People trust FB.

5. There are more than 500,000 active apps currently on FB ranging from ecommerce to opt-in email apps.

6. Facebook also boasts an affordable and effective advertising system.

7. Almost 50% of small to middle-sized businesses use FB for business.

8. Using Facebook is a great way to increase your website’s conversion rate.

9. Facebook is free.

10. Facebook is a great way to engage with your potential clients online.

It’s just a matter of time before FB touches a mind blowing 1 billion users, and even if your customer base is localized, you can still harness the power of Facebook marketing for your business. Stop contemplating and get on it.

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  • http://www.blogwithiyke.com Ikenna Odinaka

    It’s really interesting to see the graph comparing Google/Facebook traffic stats. Though Google is still my main source of traffic, I’m working on increasing my business visibility on Facebook seeing the potential in it..
    Thanks for sharing..

    • Samantha

      Hi Ikenna, thank you for your input, the graph is quite impressive still to this day and I think it proves that Facebook are worth just as much time in investing for business purposes as Google does :)

  • http://www.gameexample.com/ Sue

    Almost all people today have facebook account because it is already the most popular site in the world…You can connect with people even on the other half of the world…So this can be very helpful in your business too…

    • Samantha

      You are right Sue, thanks for stopping by :)

  • http://www.antivirus-tips.com Anne Chris

    The great reason why businesses should use Facebook is the fact that almost everybody is using Facebook. It can surely add much traffic to your website and it can be a great help to the success of your business.

  • http://gijoh.com/ Glenn@gijoh.com

    Thanks for posting the statistics chart. I’m kind of a visual person so I love to interpret things with added visuals. I believe that what you said is true. Anyway, I have been using facebook for my business even before I read your post.
    My friend and I were discussing about it a few days ago. He said that he does not think of it as much help. His words are backed up by nothing. My words are now backed up by statistics. Haha!!!

  • Amenda

    Hi Samantha…I also agree that if you have business, you must have facebook and use it in marketing…It can help, for sure…

  • Cher

    Hey Samantha…Social networking sites can really help a lot even in business…Thanks!!!

  • Sue Carducci

    Hey Sam…facebook can actually help a lot in our business, maybe because there are a lot of people who uses it every minute every day…

  • Cher Shives

    Hi Sam…People agree that facebook is one of the most popular websites…It can be a help for the business if you will use it…

  • Charie

    Hi Samantha… I agree with you.. Having a Facebook page is a great help for anyone’s business… Facebook is a great way in promoting a business. Thank you for your views.