9 Useful Software’s And Techniques For Modifying Image Sizes

Inclusion of pictures, no doubt, has made online communication lively and exciting. We get to share and update our friends and family on how we are doing, events and trips they missed or simply show them the on-goings in our lives. However, these photos are in different formats and sizes depending on the type of [...]

How Just 60 Minutes Of Blogging Each Day Can Do Wonders For Your Blog

On average how much time do you spend blogging each day, an hour; a few hours maybe? Whilst the pro bloggers might well have all the time in the world to devote to their blogs, the majority of us cog-churning laborers of life, will have other commitments to tend to such being in full-time work [...]

How To Change Admin Username In Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

Once again we bring you yet another useful little ‘how to’ tip… Here’s a quick tutorial on how to change the admin username for your self-hosted WordPress blog site. When your first set up your account through your web host, by default you’re donated with the username Admin. To change this to your own username, [...]

5 Simple Blog Security Steps To Ensure Your Blog Stays Safe Online

How much do you enjoy working on your blog? If you’ve been making real steady progress for a good while now and you’re getting good traffic and the money is starting trickle through nicely, then you probably think you’re on a good run. Chances are you probably are and all I can say is keep [...]

5 Strategies For Successful Internet Marketing

Since I’ve been involved in internet marketing, which is more than a decade, the rules that govern this business have slowly been transformed. It used to be the secret to success in internet marketing was ensuring you drove a major amount of new traffic to your site each and every day. Although this is still [...]

How To Schedule Posts Using HootSuite’s New Publisher Feature

HootSuite is a popular social media dashboard that allows you to take full control of your daily communications across social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and a few others to mention. HootSuite recently rolled out a brand new feature to their social dashboard. The new Publisher tools now allows you to schedule posts, tweets [...]

Article Marketing; Is it Worth the Fight?

What Are We Fighting About? In a recent video, Matt Cutts offered a very neutral-sounding definition of article marketing; “…you’re writing an article and you try to include a link at the bottom and you’re hoping a bunch of other people put up copies or mirrors or duplicates of that article and that those links [...]

Three Of The Leading Content Management System

Three of the leading content management system or CMS available online are Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. They are created using PHP, the most popularly used language in the web and are open source, which means they are free to use. For the uninitiated user, all three of them are briefly explained below. Drupal Many webmasters [...]

Quick Simple Tips For Writing Better Headline Titles

Today I’d like to share with you some top tips and suggestions on creating good headline titles for your articles, blog posts and email marketing newsletters. Firstly, everyone has their own unique ideas and methods on how to create good headline titles. One of the most important rules to keep in mind always is to [...]

Quality Matters A Lot In B2B Article Marketing

SEO Managers can opt from several link building strategies while an SEO campaign is implemented. Finest campaigns are those which consist of a range of links from multiple sources and are different from the rest. One such strategy, which was believed to be a winning one, was to write useful and obliging articles and present [...]